Saturday, June 28, 2008

Reformed Family Bible Conference 2008

Well, the Bible Conference of '08 has past.
We had tons of fun this year; we got good, biblical teaching, were able to see and fellowship with friends, enjoy gorgeous weather and on the last night kick it off with a good Barn Dance.
The speakers this year included pastor Greg Green, pastor Joe Moorecraft, pastor Chris Streavel, pastor Wayne Rogers, pastor Jess Stanfield, and guest speaker pastor Gary DeMar. It was very refreshing to hear good Christian teaching in such a perverted nation. Also, we got to hear Judy Rogers sing (lower left,) she writes
songs for children and young adults alike; my little sister, Rebekah, enjoys going up on stage with other children every year to sing one of her favorite Judy Rogers songs, Isabelle is a Pig. (Sounds lovely, doesn't it? :)
Anyway, I go
t to talk to allot of my dear sisters in Christ, one of which was Rebecca Martinez, (at right)
she is a very dear frie
nd who lives down in Texas, and I only get to see her there at Conference. If you wish to
get to know Rebecca more, she has a blog that she has just started, the address is:
Friday night
is always the "Big Night" for allot of the girls; this is the night of the Barn Dance. This year, at the last session, we sang a very 'blood rousing' song called 'King Alfred's War Song', this was a fast pace song, I can't fully describe it, but it was very neat. (You might want to try and look it up on the Internet.)
This year, the last session lasted to about 9:30, and we usually try and start the dance at 9:00 PM, but when the session was
over, we went to Shott Hall, a.k.a. the Cafeteria where the dance is held, and it was not set up, so we had to move all of the chairs and tables and help Dr. Fultz (the man who calls the dances,) to set up his equipment.
The dance was fun, it went to 12:00 AM, I danced with three nice, you
ng men, one of which I danced the Virginia Reel with, the Virginia Reel is the last dance that they do, and last year I was not asked for that one, but this year I was asked.
(Top left: Myself and Chuck Fultz dancing in a Square Dance. And to the right myself and Robert Martinez in a Square.)

I believe that everyone, especially the young adult girls, dread the last day when it is time to leave; not only must you leave your friends, but you must leave them for a whole year! This year the weather suited the mood perfectly: overcast and cool.
If any of you girls that I met this year see this post, then I say to you: Thank you for being my friend and tak
ing the time to talk to me, and may God bless you this year and Lord willing I will see you all next year for the 2009 Reformed Family Bible Conference at Blue Field College in Virginia!