Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Brother's Helmet

Yes, this is what happens when your little sister gets your little brother's army helmet and sticks it on your head, and then asks to take pictures of you....

Making Bread

This morning I made some bread while Nathan was outside weeding and mom was in the garden. Check out that lump of dough!Two short videos...VERY short videos. :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Evening Post

Hello. It's 8:41 in the evening. A nice time to post, if you ask me. Nathan and Rebekah are sitting at the dining room table to my left playing with Playmobil and Attacktics, raiding the Playmobil airport. Mom's in the kitchen making coffee for in the morning, the water in the sink running, but the noise not above that of the Last of the Mohicans theme playing on the CD player. Dad's in the bedroom reading Rushdoony. It's getting dark outside, and all the cats have just been gathered in doors. The dining room and kitchen lights are the only ones on, which is kinda nice. I've never really posted this late, and just thought I'd give it a whirl. :) But, not for long...we'll be heading to bed at any moment!

Max finally kicked me yesterday. I've got a nice big bruise on my thigh the size and shape of his back hoof, and trust me...I kicked his back feet out from under him when he did it. :) Then today, he bit me on the arm, so I've got a welt the size of a pea (or bigger) on the forearm. And this evening, on TOP of that, Nathan and I went up to the barn to feed and clean out those nasty stalls. The wheelbarrow was sitting in the entrance to Belle's stall, and we were shoveling all that mess away when Max came into the stall. Nathan raised his pitchfork to put in the wheelbarrow, and Max panicked! He rammed into the stall wall, shot out of the stall, hit the metal gate, and ran smack dab into the hay rack, getting his head stuck in between the bars. That called for more panic. He was rearing up and kicked and hurting himself all the more. I shoved his nose out, and he shot backwards, fell, got up, scrambled over the shaving bags, hit the gate again, and ran into the stall once more, hitting the wall again. We finally got him calmed down, and he does this whole mouth thing when he's scared; he'll chomp at the air or something, which is actually kinda cute, because he has no teeth. :) But, yeah, we got him calmed down. I don't know why he did that! It was crazy! Oh well...he'll have to learn.

Anyway, I'm headin' to bed. I'm so sleepy! I told mom that I'm having major carb-withdrawals. I'm on the low-carb diet again, and after just three days of less than twenty carbs a day, I'm feeling pretty bad. It passes, though, and then you feel great! Last time I was on it, I'd lost 18 pounds! It really works. wears you out the first couple of days.'s pillow calls. =D

In Christ,
-a very sleepy Hannah

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My New Favorite Artist

Is, by all means, Ron DiCianni! His paintings are GREAT! His painting entitled "Safely Home" is in the front of the book, Safely Home by Randy Alcorn, and was written at the end of the story. Here I'm putting up some of my favorites:

Monday, June 14, 2010

More Pictures of Max

I just came back from running about in the pasture with my Big Boy. He's in such a playful mood! I took some videos and pictures, and thought I'd share them with you. :)