Wednesday, March 11, 2009



The peaceful morn dawns
Bright and clear, with only
Few clouds to blotch the skies.
The darkness lay in dim array
As on the horizon soft color lies.
The sun comes up o'r the hills,

Hark! the soft whispering of the trees.
God's breath passeth by as in
The dawn they sigh.
While night quickly fades away
His little creatures come out to play.
Listen, now, something treadeth through
The woods; what it is, we do not know...
Ah! There it is! A fawn and a doe.

Oh listen now! The first trills
Of a happy bird.
Another answers in reply, singing back
A song; while the dawn fades away they
Will sing along.
Yes, it is still dark, but morn's rays
Do peek over the hills.
Every creature riseth up to do
God's heavenly wills.

Yes, this dawn will come to a close,
But another awaits tomorrow--
I will sit here at this window,
Hath God so willed;
And will watch His glory rising,
As with it, every day is filled.

~Miss Hannah T.~