Saturday, March 22, 2014

Stepping Heavenward

     life is such a complicated thing.
     it's full of twists and turns and crazy insane things; full of happiness, sadness, smiles, tears. and its so easy for us to overlook the small, beautiful things that God blesses us with.
     the past few months have been challenging for me; building me up, teaching me lessons, and showing me new things. God has really, REALLY been changing me. for the past week or though, i've been reflecting on this a lot. my life is going through a transformation, of sorts, and it's really, truly amazing when you can actually feel God changing you.
     you see, He writes our lives.
     it really is a beautiful thing. i don't think we give it enough thought, really; we just kind of go along and brush it off - we shouldn't do this. we should always stop and consider that there is a bigger story. there's a bigger plan. there's a much, much bigger plan.
     as humans, we only see parts of the underside of the tapestry - we only see the base of the mountain - but we have to keep in mind that there's a whole canvas around us, a whole masterpiece, with the master artist at work.

    let's not forget this, darlings. let's not forget what God is doing - working in and through and with us. we need to stay tuned into this, and work diligently to grow stronger and higher.
    this has really been on my heart a lot recently, and we need to all strive to work towards it.

    love to you all,
    - the writer

Friday, March 21, 2014