Thursday, February 11, 2010


Well, I'm doing better. A little. I slept well last night, and almost immediately went to sleep. What an exhausting day! The ride home was rough, and made me really sore, but after I had rested a while and watched Night At The Museum 2 with my brother, I felt better. The only bad part about watching Night At The Museum 2 was that it made me laugh...and that's not good when you've got 17 staples and three layers of stitches in your belly! =P Oh well. It couldn't be helped. :) My whole lower stomach is still numb, which feels reeeeeeeeaaaaly weird, and my back hurts from laying in bed so long. I've got these dirty tape marks on my hand from the IV, too. Alright. Let's start from the beginning...I've got to go through it and get it out of my head. :)
I woke up Monday morning @ 5:20 AM to the Last of the Mohicans theme, :) and took a shower. I wasn't allowed to have anything to eat or drink. The not drinking was the worst part. I got dressed and got my things together for a two-night stay, and then we left at 6:20. I was nervous. The pastor and his son, along with my grandma, would already be there waiting. We got to the hospital, I "punch-bugged" Nathan at the Volkswagen that sat in the parking lot, and we went in. Up at the third flower, we found the pastor, his son and my grandma waiting. We sat in the waiting room for about ten minutes, when the nurse opened the door and called my last name. *gulp*. The pastor's son smiles. "Nice knowin' you." I stand, leaving my bags. "Haha. You'll miss me...just wait."
Anyway, we go back there, and have to go through the whole procedure of the nurse making sure that I'm Hannah and I know my birthday. :P So, then we go back to another "waiting room" that's more of a waiting-for-operation-room. I had to change into an absolutely LOVELY oversized purple gown and put on these wonderful brown socks...not. I sat in bed with a sheet and stared up at the ceiling while I had an IV put in. It didn't hurt toooo bad...but still. After that, I was asked a ton of questions, and then everyone was allowed to come back. The pastor came and read a Psalm, and I had an emotional breakdown. I guess that what was getting ready to happen hit me then. After that, when everyone had come in and I had talked to them some, they gave me this "relaxing" stuff. Everyone watched. It was weird. It didn't take effect right away, but in about three minutes, I felt strange. The pastor's son smiles.
"How do you feel?"
I looked up at him. YIPE! One is enough let alone two! (seriously...I was seeing doubles.)
"Really bad now that there's two of you!"
Then I looked passed him, and everyone outside...two of them. "Two" nurses answered the WEIRD! And naturally, I got teased. It was actually funny. The doubles eventually went away, but my vision was a little blurry. Finally the nurses came in, and I had to put on a blue hat thingy that looked weird. I said goodbye to everyone, and they rolled me back. I remember going through double doors, and then I got to see the inside of an operation room. It was cold in there. They put me on the narrow surgery table, and put a ton of warm blankets on me. Then they put monitors on my body and gave me an oxygen mask. I was nervous, staring up at all of the people dressed in blue with white masks, flittering about and towering over me. The one nurse behind me said the words I was waiting to hear.
"Alright, I'm putting the medicine in your IV."
Seconds later, my hearing went way down, so that the voices were a hum. I heard myself breathing in and out of the oxygen mask, and whether it was my head or the nurse telling me it was alright, I'll never know! My vision went out shortly, and I think I dreamed, but I can't remember. :) I could tell that time passed, but the next thing I remember was a voice in the back of my head saying
"You're alright, you're in recovery."
Then I remembered the sharp sting of patches being pulled off of my skin. I was wrapped in a blanket, and my eyes were half open. I remember raising my head a little and looking out the room, and seeing people walking about. I also remember a nurse talking to some guy in the next area about some surgery something or another, but my hearing was still fuzzy. After a few minutes, the nurses were telling me that they were going to roll me to a room where I'd be staying. I kept drifting in and out, because I don't remember it all. I remember getting into the elevator, staring up at the ceiling, and then blacking out, and then going to the room and catching a glimpse of mom in a chair. I continued to black out several times, but I was awake enough when the pastor, his son, grandma and dad came in to speak to them some. My voice was very hoarse and quiet, because they had put a tube down my throat. (In fact, it's still very quiet. I can't call loudly and laugh passed a "humph". :) My whole body was numb and my hands could barely grip anything. Bleeeeehhh. I spent that whole day in bed, except for near that evening when I got up and the nurses helped me to walk around some. Very weak. Still am. GOODGRIEF! Mom is in the kitchen listening to Voddie Bauchom, and he's about to make me laugh...PLEASE DON'T! AAAAH! *grin* Oh well. I'm hoping to be better in the next few days. I'm actually supposed to go back the 18th to get the staples out. As soon as they're out, guess what I'm saying? Staples: That Was Easy! =D *sigh* Then I can get back to my Spring-time fun...when Spring gets here. :)
*thinks dreamily*
Bike rides with my brother...walks down the road....rides on Belle....running around in knee-length skirts, short-sleeved shirts and barefooted....ah...can't' wait. :) Aaaand...I WON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT THOSE CYSTS! WOOHOO! The Lord is good. Very good. Very very good. Very very very good! All praise go to Him!

In Christ,

P.S. Pictures to come soon

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm Back....ouch.

First of all:
Thank you mom! =D
Yes, I'm back from the hospital. I just arrived about forty-five minutes ago or so. I'm sore, and ache all over. In fact, my whole body is swollen from laying in I don't look normal. =D
Dad and some dear friends took quite a few pictures, so when dad downloads them, I'll post some. :)
I've got a nice long, stapled incision across my lower belly, and it looks really gross....:)
This shall be very short, because I need to rest, but thank you all for the prayers! It went well, and my pastor and his son came over and stayed through the surgery. The last thing I remembered was an oxygen mask and a "alright, I'm putting the medicine in your IV now," and then my hearing went out, and my vision after that. Really odd. But before that, while we were in the waiting room after they had gotten me changed, I was in the bed, so the pastor and his son, and my grandma came in, and then they gave me some stuff to "relax" me, which actually made me see things in double. REALLY weird.

Anyway, thank you all so much! I'll update as soon as I feel better, and hopefully get pictures up. :)

Praise the Lord for His mighty works and His good supply of dear friends!

In Christ,
a very worn-out and slightly sore

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Update from mom

Hi. Just an update from Hannah's mom here! Her surgery went very well, praise the Lord. The cysts were removed and the doctor said everything looks fine. She is still very "froggy" sounding because of the tube they had to put down her throat, but I think she'll be much better today (Tuesday). They already had her walk some yesterday evening! She will be in the hospital until Wednesday and then home for some bedrest. Thank you all so much for praying for her and being such good friends. To God be the glory, great things He has done!