'Tis Herself

  my name is hannah leigh.
     i'm 19.
     i'm 5'6" and hope i don't get any taller.
     i love vintage photography and pet dragons.
     i'm saved by grace through faith by my Lord Jesus.
     i'm an ENFJ.
     i'm a writer yet to be published.
     i love chai tea.
     i'm often fairly quiet and love the seclusion of my room.
     i'm a coffee fanatic.
     i need to stop writing, because my stories end up coming true.
     i'm often very stubborn.
     i love vegetables and healthy food.
     unlike my best friend, my tastebuds did grow up.
     i should listen to my intuition a bit more.
     i love cute clothes.
     i think i love a little too much.
     my life has a superb cast, but I can't figure out the plot.

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