Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hey, Honey!

We extracted honey today for the first time! Our bees finally gave us a super full.
It was really good, sticky sweet stuff. And yeah, we ate some of the wax. ^.^

Sticky sweetness! Fighting!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Small But Beautiful, or Gentle Giants

 Photo from Google Images

Dragons are amazing. I love dragons. And yes, I do believe they were once roaming the earth!
      Fear the Dragon!!! ^.^ 

In every shape - Small but Beautiful, or the mighty Gentle Giant.

Photo from Google Images
God speaks of a dragon in the sea in the book of Job - Leviathan; might monster of the deep. Some footnotes say "alligator" - let me say this: someone needs new glasses. Alligator's don't breath fire! They don't have skin like chain mail!
And what do you think about that sea monster a Japanese ship pulled from the depths?
Photo from Google Images
I don't know about you, but that looks like a dragon to me! Leviathan is real - and who knows? Maybe there's still some out there!

- Hannah

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Of Rainy Days and Sketches

I love the rain. The rain is a beautiful thing. It reminds us that He brings it in due season.
        As it rained yesterday, pattering against the corner of the house where I could hear it well, I sat at my desk, lamp glowing, sketching away. Drawing is an amazing art. I love it so much. It's a wonderful way to express your feelings. I'm the type that enjoys looking at pictures to draw them - that's one of my favorite things to do.

It's cloudy now, and I wish it would just pour!

- Hannah

It All Started With a Letter

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I love to write letters.
I've written funny letters, serious letters, letters to people I don't even know, and very important letters - letters that mean a lot. As I write a letter to a friend, I know she can read my fast hand writing, but to others that have never seen my writing, I print, slowly, carefully, watching the ink spill away. I pray about it, every stroke, that it would mean something, make sense.
      Letter writing is a lost art. An art that needs raising from the hidden depths and foggy swirls of e-mail and phones. You can keep letters forever.

      Sometimes it makes me sad that I'll never see a meaningful letter again, an enclosed photo or drawing, and my heart hurts when I think that my special words might be lost on deaf ears, might be tossed into a nearby trash can as the receivers laughs at me. But then I realize - it was in my heart for a reason. It was sent for a reason. And I won't give up.

Revive the art of letter writing. I challenge anyone who reads this to take a full week to send letters to their friends. E-mail won't be around forever. Letters, they will. They're something you can hold in your hand and realize, "My friend held this" or "That special person held this." You can only look at e-mails on a computer screen. You can't touch it, you can't tuck it away carefully, and you can't treasure the sender's handwriting.

Send letters. The written words is far more powerful than the glow of a character on a computer screen.

- Hannah

Monday, August 8, 2011


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"Do not fear, for I am with you. Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand."
                                                Isaiah 41:10

The days tick by, and I find myself enjoying seventeen. It's already the 8th of August - I can hardly believe it. Soon fall will breeze in, casting bright leaves in front of it. Her breath will be cold, but I'll enjoy it, because Autumn is my favorite season.
        The above verse I've posted is one I've been memorizing. I was sitting out on the front porch a couple of days ago on the sing, back and forth, back and forth, watching the gray skies. I had the card in my hand, quoting it over and over until it stuck. The clouds were dark, and soon it began to pour. I so enjoyed sitting there with Jesus. I talked to Him about a lot of things.
        I have a feeling that seventeen is going to be a full year. Who knows? Maybe something really amazing will happen. But, after all, it's just a feeling.
        I've also found that already, I'm enjoying writing very much - I'd lost my touch a while back, but I'm getting the hang of it again, and the sound of words mingling with emotions is amazing. I love the way it laughs, the way it cries. It's enchanting.
          Life is good, but above all, God is good - He's showing me things that "the eye has not seen nor the ear has heard" - the "wonders that He will do for us."
          As I carefully wrote a letter yesterday, making sure the print was clear so the person getting it could read it, I thought about this. He's working in me - maybe He's working through me. I hope so. Do I sometimes worry? Yeah, you bet. But when all's said and done - I'm fearless through Him who strengthens me. Will I offend someone with the words I confront them with, only because I love them? Probably. Will they be tossed in the trash? I don't know. But I do know this: they were placed in my heart for a reason - and I'm going to give those words to them, even if it hurts, because I know that He has a plan. I felt God prompting me, so I obeyed. He's the potter, and I'm the clay - and with God, all things are possible.

- Hannah

Pussy Cat

And there's Shina, ready to pounce at my camera. ^.^ She's adorable.