Friday, May 21, 2010


Hello all.
It's been a while! I've been pretty busy. Belle is due in 10 days, so we're keeping an eye out. :) Nothing too different, but every time I go to feed, I check, JUST to make sure. Oh dear. I never thought my horse would be pregnant. :) Anyway...yeah. It's been pretty rainy over the past few days. I like the rain, but, when it's only gray and know. It seems to drain the energy out of you! ARG! Rather annoying, to say the least. Those are the kind of days when I wish I could curl up in a corner like my cats and sleep for hours on end. :)
...a random thought. I love my home. I love it love it love it! There's not another place on earth I'd like to be! I love the mountains. When I get married, I really want to live near...or HERE! =D (I'm tryin' to talk dad into letting me and my hubby have the house!!!:) Wishful thinking.
I also love my horses. My babies. I love kissing their soft noses and hugging their big, strong necks! And they've got such big, beautiful eyes! *sighs dreamily* Can you tell I like horses???
Alright, I just got an idea...I'm going to name some of the simple things in life that I love:

1. Irises and roses.
2. Music.
3. Wind-chimes.
4. Bird song.
5. Ritz crackers and sharp cheddar cheese!
7. Chocolatemilk.
8. Pencils.
9. Hay.
10. Grass.
11. Trees.
12. Dinner tables.
13. Rivers.
14. Flipflops.
15. Pictures.
16. Horse halters.
17. The sound of horses' hooves.
18. Hugs.
19. Kisses.
20. Cat fur!!!

I love simple things! I love them! They're the things I rejoice in! I could list a hundred more things, but for the risk of boring you, I won't write them all down. I love it all. I sometimes think I'm a lot like Mary in the Bible. Did you ever notice how many times it says "But Mary cherished these things in her heart." That's me. Every small thing, every big thing, I sit and ponder afterward. I love it! I can't say it enough! Guess what??? I'M BLESSED!

Love always,

Thursday, May 20, 2010

You're In For A Surprise.

Do you like cute stories?
...I have one for you. Go to

....Get a laugh. :)