Saturday, September 25, 2010


That's what I feel like right now. :I Time is flying.
I'm in a slightly weird mood. I want it to rain. I'm in a moment where my heart rate goes up 50% when listening to an absolutely AMAZING piece of music and I get nervous and my hands get cold. It's weird, I know...but that's how it is. Really, my heart is RACING! I get so hyper when listening to a great piece of music. *sighs*
It's finally cloudy here, and the wind is picking up through the trees. Maybe it will rain. I want it to rain. I love rain. The ground is quickly getting covered by dry leaves, and if it would cool off, it would REALLY feel like Fall here.
By the way, (or more like a thought that just popped into my head:), how many of you remember when my horse Red died? Well, this November 17, it will have been ONE YEAR since then. See what I mean by tik-tik-tak??? AH! And speaking of that, this is funny, every time someone asks me how old I am, I go "Fif--uh...sixteen." :P It's crazy. And I'll be 17 next year. *wails* Nooo! I'm too young to get older!!!
...I told you I was in a weird mood. My fingers want to type something, so I'm letting them.
Yesterday evening, I went outside to walk around a bit. It was about 5:00, and it had cooled off very nicely. The sun was shining through the trees, seeming to flash signals every time the branches swayed. The crickets sang constantly, and the freshest breeze was blowing through the branches, carrying that absolutely wonderful woodsy smell. Leaves were falling at the edge of the woods. So nice. I was laying on my back under one of the pine trees, Shina purring away from her perch on my stomach. I stroked her fur idly, gazing up at the sky. It was so peaceful. I love, LOVE moments like that. I love them sooo much. Time flies too fast. I want moments like that forever.
My heart doesn't stop burning, but the clock goes on 'tik-tik-tok'.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Let Your Fingers TYPE!

 ...and that's what I'm going to do! I'm just going to TYPE, so bear with me!

Fall is among us....
 AH! Can you believe it? I can't....for two reasons:
1. This year has flown by WAY too fast.
2.'s 82 degrees here... is. It's supposed to cool down Saturday and Sunday, though, and I hope it rains! I love the rain. Love love LOVE the rain. It's a nice vent for emotions if you just stop and watch the rain. Speaking of emotion vents, I've just realized what a few of mine are:
The pen. In my case...the mechanical pencil. :) I draw landscapes, settings that portray my emotions at the moment, and they're all in black and white, and it's usually just a sketch with shading. When I'm brooding, I'll draw billowing, floor-length curtains, dim-lit hallways, and roses with lonely black ribbons tied to them. When I'm happy, I'll draw trees and horses, with the sun casting shadows all around. When I'm mad...uh...I'll just grab a pencil and forcefully jam the lead onto the paper and draw horrible scribbles! =D Another vent for my emotions is music. If I'm in a hyper mood, I'll usually listen to something like Immediate Music, (the orchestra kind). Really, music is a great vent for emotions. It almost seems as though everything built up inside flows out with the music. Music is very powerful. For good or for bad. What would the world be without it? Ah...okay. :) Another vent is if it's storming outside. STORMS! There is NOTHING like a good thunder storm. If the wind is ripping past the house and the clouds are brewing, the game's afoot. I love watching storms. It shows the awesomeness of God. I'm not afraid of storms. (haha, unless it's a hurricane or something!) If dear, protective mom would let me go outside, I would! =D Storms are amazing.
Watching horses run is another vent. Your feelings seem to tear across the field with them. Absolutely breath-taking. Running is yet another, for me, anyway. If I have way too much energy, or am just ticked off about something, running helps. (Running at night under a full moon is even better!!!) Running just...helps. :) my fingers are done typing about venting emotions. Whew. I needed that. :) Now my fingers shall type about the weather, pets, and favorite past-times!
The weather is nice today, but hot. It's very windy, which is the first breath of Fall, I'm thinking. The leaves are turning rapidly, and yesterday I was walking in the woods when I felt like I was in a book. I was standing under a big Red Oak tree when hundreds of leaves began to fall around me! Red, orange, a mixture of both. They drifted towards the ground. It was beautiful!!! I love Autumn! It has to be my favorite, although all seasons are great in one way or another.
As to pets, Lemon especially, he may be doing a smidgen better. (I hope!) We've been feeding him more, and he seems to have more strength. Maybe he'll pull through! to favorite past-times. I'm thinking of Fall and Winter right now.
Fall is absolutely charming. Leaves turning, mornings getting colder. The frost settling in. Ah...wonderful. The horses' coats will soon begin to turn thick and furry, and the hay rations will double! I love Autumn mornings. Waking up requires immediately jumping out of bed and grabbing a hoodie, or else you'll freeze! Still dark outside when the alarm goes off at 5:30, I'll get up, grab the afore said hoodie, peer outside into the dark, and sleepily make my way to the quiet kitchen, the only light being the night-light. I'll get myself a mug of hot, wonderful coffee, and will "have coffee with my creamer", as dad puts it. =) I'll have myself a caramel macchiato cafe latte. Aaahh...I can smell it now! Morning, though I hate getting up, has to be one of my favorite times!
And now to Winter. I love the snow! I love waking up to see tiny white flakes of snow drifting past my window, and seeing the horses ankle-deep in it, trudging through the cold blanket. I love the Christmas tree, all lit up colorfully at night. I love the soft Christmas music we listen to every night while sitting in the den. And, of course...I LOVE the fire! The smell, the sounds. Ah...I love it. I can't wait for it all!

Now I shall fingers have rambled far enough!

Love to all!
In Christ,


I don't know how many of you have seen my "Rushdoony" page up on the pages bar, but if you haven't, let me explain:
I've been reading R.J. Rushdoony's Roots of Reconstruction, and it's absolutely GREAT. So what I've been doing is, when I find a great quote (which is hard because there's SO many!), I put it up on my Rushdoony page. I'm still working on it, so it's kind of sketchy right now, but I do have some quotes up. Mind you, some are rather lengthy, but they are EXCELLENT and worth reading! If you haven't read Roots of Reconstruction, then I highly suggest it. Very good reading. It may look rather monstrous at first, but it's actually decently light reading, once you get used to his style, which doesn't take long. Please read it!



Okay, so I've had the same theme on my blog for two years...I wanted something new. :) I'm still playing with it, so it's still in progress.
As to the new title...that's something my granddad used to say. I didn't really know him, but mom often quotes a lot of the stuff he said. That one came out last night. =) I said something about having a 'deja vu', and she came back with "Deja vu all over again". I thought that was SO cute and wanted to see if it would work for a while as a blog title. =D Yes, the URL will stay the same. I'm just trying this title out. I like sayings like the 'Deja vu all over again' and 'wide-awake dreamer'. It just sounds neat. :) Soooo...I'm just trying this out.
We'll see what mom has to say when she gets home.....=D

Bye for now!
In Christ,

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Horses and Late Summer Days

I went up to the barn a few days ago, and took a whole bunch of pictures with my horses and the trees, barn, etc. It was one of those photo-shoots that really tells you that it's late Summer. Here's some of the pictures.
Look how tall Max is!!!

Day in Town

Last week was our town festival, so we went down there with some friends for the day. It was pretty fun, and crowded, which being in crowded places every now and again is fun. =) My friend wouldn't leave the camera alone! =D
Here ya go!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010