Thursday, July 2, 2009

Generational Thinking

Hi everyone!
Yesterday morning, my family and I were sitting out on the back deck after eating breakfast out there, and daddy was reading a book that we have called "John Calvin: Man of the Millennium". We've been reading it for a while now, and we're finally on the last chapter. As he was reading, this short section in the chapter stuck out at me. Seeing as Independence day is soon to be upon us, (as in tomorrow!) I thought that this would be quite appropriate. Please read carefully; it's not that long and won't take much of your time.

"The Mecklenberg Declaration: Precursor to the Declaration of Independence"

Before the Declaration of Independence by the united colonies on July 4th, 1776, Mecklenberg County, North Carolina, declared its independence from England on May 20, 1775. A number of the phrases and concepts found in the Declaration of Independence signed by the thirteen colonies are similar to those found in this earlier document.
Why did Mecklenberg County declare independence? The simple reason is this: because of John Calvin. A closer look at the evidence illustrates this point.
As we examine the background of this county in North Carolina, we learn an important fact: Mecklenberg County had a higher percentage of Scotch-Irish inhabitants than any other county in the thirteen colonies. Wave after wave of Scotch Irish flooded the colonies from northern Ireland, fleeing oppression, tyranny, famines, and economic hardship. Many of these immigrants settled inMecklenberg County.
These Scotch-Irish were predominantly Calvinistic and Presbyterian, and strictly so. They were courageous people who believed that Christ is King of the church and the state. They believed that His written Word alone governs the worship, government, discipline, ethics and theology of the church, and that it alone is the source of law for the state. They believed that the king of England, along with all civil magistrates, is accountable to bow to Christ's supremacy, and to obey and enforce the revealed Law of God--and no other. They believed that only when a nation committed itself to these truths would it be blessed by God with liberty, peace, prosperity,righteousness, and security.
John Calvin and John Knox left their mark on generations of the Scotch-Irish, and this theological influence continued to distinguish them and many of their descendants after their migrations to America. Their love of liberty and hatred for tyranny--their Calvinism and their Presbyterianism--were the means by which they would become "the dominant theological movement in American church history and also in the formations of the American national character."
Of all the religious, ethnic, and national groups that migrated to America during the colonial period, the Scotch-Irish were the most pervasive in their influence on the development of those colonies which they settled. As a people, they stood out with their hardy Calvinistic heritage, and when tyranny erupted on America's shores, they stepped forward to lead the way to liberty.

This was written by Dr. Joseph C. Morecraft, III.
I found it to be very interesting--as I myself live in North Carolina--and also as to the bravery and courage of these men, women and children. Take this quote for example: "As a people, they stood out with their hardy Calvinistic heritage, and when tyranny erupted on America's shores, they stepped forward to lead the way to liberty."
How many people do you know would "step forward and lead the way to liberty"? You know what? There aren't that many. It is up to us as the next generation to step forward and lead the way to liberty, and to RAISE men and woman who will step forward and lead the way to liberty. Young ladies; I'm assuming that most of you are planning on getting married and raising a household one day: this is your chance to take charge, and raise many, many arrows that will do this. Young men, I'm also assuming that you are planning on marrying a godly woman one day, and leading a household. This is your time to take charge and do so. I believe that--if it be the Lord's will--WE will be the generation to start this leading the way to liberty, and that our children will carry it on after us. Most of us here (as in myself and you who read my blog) are still young, and--as far as we can know--have a good bit of life ahead of us. What are we going to do with that life? Are we going to go out and be "successful" in the world's eyes: get a college degree and pursue our dream job? Or are we going to lay down what we WANT to do--not NEED--and follow GOD'S will for our life? Are we going to marry and "Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth", or are we going to be selfish and have only a few children? Are we going to raise those children to be the arrows that they should be, to hit the enemy in the heart? Or are we going to stick them in public school and let the government teach them what is "right" and what is "wrong"? Brothers and sisters...we, as (more than likely) the second generation of true Christians, must pick up the standard that our parents have given us, and wave it high so that OUR children can take it, and pass it on to theirs. The younger generation NOW should be thinking about THEIR children, and their children's children. I often stop during the day and think about my future children, and how I need to raise them....I'm fourteen. Still, does that mean that I shouldn't think about them? No. Not at all. It is perfectly healthy and we should do so. Our actions and choices NOW will effect our children, be it good or bad.
So, what are you going to do?

In Christ,
~Miss Rose

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rambling....*sigh*.... really don't know what to post about! I just wanted to do a post....something...anything!
I'm going to put up a Simple Woman's I have no
t done that in a while, and then I'm going to just ramble ramble RAMBLE! :D So, as a fair warning: you do not have to read this if you do not want to because it shall be TOTALLY random. :)

The Simple Woman's Day Book . . .

FOR TODAY, June 29th, 2009 ...

Outside My Window...
It is a beautiful Summer afternoon. The birds are signing and the sun is peering through the lush green trees, creating dappled patterns on the grass. There is a nice breeze rustling through the leaves, and the sky is a deep, enchanting blue. I love Summer. I am thinking... That I have to do Terrible, eh? :)

I am thankful for...
The Family Bible Conference and the friends I saw ther
e. Love them all. I could never say "I love them" too many times. :D

From the kitchen...
All is quiet on the Western front. Mom is napping. :)

I am wearing...

Bluejean skirt with a yellow shirt. Wonderful Summer clothes. My hair is pulled back with clips up on my head with some of it hanging down.

I am creating...
A drawing of a baby horse running through the snow with a holly wreath around his neck and a candy-cane in his mouth. Cute, wot-wot? :)

(Sorry...I'm in a happy mood today!)

I am going...
Going?! Noooo!!! I'm not going any where ever again!!! ...just kidding. All that I know of is that my Birthday is coming I'm "going" to tha

I am reading...

MANY the moment: my Bible, "Do Hard Things", (which is VERY good) "Against the Tide", and a host of others that I quite can't remember at the moment. :)

I am hoping...

Well, I HAD been hoping, but that sort of faded this morning. I had been hoping that "Earwen" could come up for my Birthday...but that's a long way to travle from Middle Earth to North Carolina! Let's see...what am I hoping now? Um...that the guys from the landscaping thingagummy that just welcomed themselves into our front yard would go away so that I can gaze outside without having to see them. That's what I'm hoping. :D Actually, I'm also hoping that in the near future, the Lord would open a door for me to be a speaker at conferences. Next year, I'm hoping to study theology.

I am hearing...
Some beautiful music we have playing on the CD player right across from me. The birds. The wind. The wind chimes. And. Joyful. The guys outside chattering
. :P :D

Around the house...

Clean. For the most part. It will be tonight, though; we have Bible study over here.

One of my favorite things...
Why don't I just say what my VERY favorite thing of all times is? I shall.

Where I live. The beautiful Summer afternoons sitting underneath a pine tree and watching the clouds go over the mountains. Or a crisp Fall day, running about and playing in the leaves, watching our cats pounce around trying to chase them. Or maybe a Spring morning, where I can wake up and look out my window, seeing the horses grazing by the fence through a thinning sheet of mist. Maybe a Winter's night, snuggled up by the fire in my red fleece blanket, sipping at hot chocolate and gazing at the lazy snowflakes drifting down from heaven....

This is my favorite thing.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...

A 4th of July "party" with friends on Saturday, (which I am very much so looking forward to) Possibly unloading up to 200 bales of hey, school, and a bit of drawing. Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Okay. That's done. Now, I've been tagged by Calico Zak. I suppose that I shall do that as well:
Just copy this and paste and remove my answers and put your own in.

Then tag 3 people

Starting Time: 2:36 PM
Name: Hannah, Rose, Leigh. I go by lots of names
Sisters: Rebekah.

Brothers: Nate.
What are you wearing? Bluejean skirt with yellow shirt.
Favorite Number: 16.
Favorite Drink: Water.
Favorite Month: Fall. No question about it.
Favorite Breakfast: Wow. Uh...usually anything except for cereal. :)
Love someone so much they made you cry? Do I HAVE to answer that one?
Broken a bone: Just a cracked wrist and a popped-out-of-place pinky.

Been in a police car: No. I've been good. :)
Been on a boat? No. Wait...uh...when I was little. Yes.

Came close to dying: Probably.
Been in a hot tub: Yes.
Swam in the ocean: Several times.
Fallen asleep in school: No.
Cried when someone died: Um. Now. What do YOU think??? YES!!!
Fallen off your chair: Probably, but I can't recall anything right now.


Who did you last yell at? Um. I don't really YELL at people. I NEVER YELL AT PEOPLE!!! DO YOU HEAR ME?! I NEVER YEEEEEEEELLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Do you like filling these out? Not really.
Do you like yourself? Moderately. Yes.

--------------Today did you------------------
Talk to someone you like? Yes. I sure did. Tw
Get sick? Not so far.

Sing? Yes. My audience was me, myself and I. :D
Miss someone? Several people I saw at Conference.

--------------Last person who------------------

You talked to on the phone with? Earwen.
Made you cry? sure, but I know someone did in the past.
Went to the mall with? My mom.

Been to Europe? No.
Been to Asia? No.
Been to Russia? No
Been to the Bahamas? Never.

Been to Mexico? No.
Been to Canada? No.
Been to Africa? No no no NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-------------------Final Questions------------------
What are you listening to right now? My friend over the phone talking and playing her guitar at the same time and music from Calico Zak's blog. lol. :D
Do you hate someone in your family? Uuuummm...let me think....No. Just kidding. :D
What car do you wish to have? WHAT KINDA QUESTION IS THAT?!

Good singer? I don't think so. But I sing to myself every now and again.
Indoors or outdoors? Depends on what kind of day it is. Cool, Spring/autumn day...outside. Winter night. Inside. Thank you very much.
Do you have a job? Yes. Housework.

Are you lonely right now? A little. I miss my friends.

Time Finished: 2:52 PM

WHEW! I'm done with it! Ooookay. I tag Earwen, Autumn and Nate
. TADA! :D

Okay. Now, I have a request to make: I'm wanting to put some new music on my blog, and I'm not quite sure what to look for. Do any of you have any music that you would like to suggest
? Maybe you have something on your playlist that you really like? If you do, please help me out here. Earwen, I know that you have some good stuff on your blog, so, if you'd like, send me some of the music you love and I'll look at it. :)

*glances at Google Images*

...I'm in a picture mood....and I just had a great idea. I'm going to take some random pictures off of goole, and put them here to paint a picture of what I enjoy in life the most. I'm going to put pictures here that best describe my life. I've just come up with a new tag. I've been inspired. :)

And before I forget. I found a link on Amazon that has a VERY short sample of that music I was telling you about that we did on Postie's Jig. It's really short, but it gives you a taste of what it was like. :) Here it is:


Well. That is the end of my very odd post. Sorry about all of the rambling...I just needed to gab. :)

In Christ,
~Miss Rose

Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm Home! :D

I'm home....home home home home HOME! :D
I do want to be home but I don't want to be home. I LOVED the Family Bible Conference and wanted to stay for THREE more days! I got to see all of my wonderful friends...which includes some of you that just may be reading this post. *winks* :D
The teaching was very good, and I got to learn a bit more about John Calvin. This year is his 500th
Birthday...could you imagine being THAT old?! :)
I was also blessed with the opportunity to meet a couple of new friends, and greatly enjoyed their company. I got to--once again--see Rebecca Martinez from "Texan by the G
race of God". She's a dear friend and I enjoyed being with her. (I only get to see her once a year!)
Once again, they had a Barn Dance, and I got to dance NINE times! I also got to learn "Postie's Jig"...a VERY fast and fun dance. (I was going to take a video, but never got around to it.) We all enjoyed several fast and furious games of Ultimate Frisbee, and I DID take a video of that! :D (It shall be located at the bottom:) Besides being hit multiple times in the mouth and head, being whacked on the hand (which is now bruised,:) by the frisbee, and having my feet stepped on multiple times unbeknown to him by Sir_Furious from "Sir_Furious"...I lived and had a great time. :) I actually caught the frisbee a couple of times...for once in my life...:) I'm not a great frisbee player...and two of my friends in particular can testify to that!
The Barn Dance was just absolutely plain fun. Nothing more nothing less. I won't tell you who all I danced with, because you wouldn't know them. (You ought to, though...they're GREAT people! Every single one of them.) During the last Postie's Jig, they played a fast and energizing version of "Star of the County Down". I tried to find it on playlist, but, no avail. If I do find it, I shall tell you all IMMEDIATELY! :D Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get too many pictures of the dancing; and when I or my dad did, they were fuzzy. I'm afraid that you shall just have to try and make out the fuzzy ones. In these right here, I'm dancing with a young man I met. (He's in the blue shirt.) We both learned Postie's Jig together...and by Friday night we had it down pretty well! :) Daddy had been taking pictures, but the lens on my camera got stuck and wouldn't take any more until the next morning. :(

As usual, the weather fitted the mood perfectly: gray and gloomy. It was Saturday morning...and I did NOT want to leave all of my friends for a whole year. Saturday morning is always sad. Sure, there's still laughing and what-not...but I didn't want to leave.
Anyway, here are the pictures. I'm sorry about rambling so much...but I've got some other things to do before my hour on the computer is up. :( Trus
t me...I took a TON more pictures that this, but these are just some select few. :) (I've also added some pictures of myself in the choir--I'm on the far right in a pink shirt and blue/pink skirt-- and some of my friends playing the violin before a couple of the sessions.)

In Christ,
~Miss Rose

Goodbye 2009
Reformed Family Bible Conference!
See you Next Y