Thursday, November 4, 2010

“In His hands are the depths of the earth...."

Okay! The videos from Linville Caverns! It's hard to see because it was so dark, but you can still hear our guide talking.
I've also stuck up the video of Max that I took earlier. =)

Oh, and I've GOT to tell you this.....
I came back a few minutes ago from feeding the horses, and I had been in the chicken pen petting Jang. I was kneeling down, holding Jang in my lap and petting her, and Yu was running around pecking at my shirt. (She follows me everywhere...) Suddenly, she got in front of me, wiggled a little, staring at the top of my head, and the jumped up and got on the back of my neck and practically sat there for three minutes! I eventually had to slide her off so I could finish with the horses. Hilarious! She jumped from the ground to the back of my neck and made herself right at home. Wah! Yu is so cute! I would have given anything to have had a camera!!!!! Sigh....

Psalm 95:4:
In His hands are the depths of the earth: the heights of the mountains are His also.”

^ This one is funny...
we were going in a really narrow part of the caverns, and neither Nathan or I are claustrophobic, but when Nathan found out about the bottomless pit below our feet, he's going, "Move...MOVE!" (Doesn't he look like Indiana Jones from the back???)
That's it for those! Now this last one is just one I took of Max the other day; I haven't posted any in a while, so I figured I'd put one up for you. :) 

Vision Forum 2011 Writing Contest

For those of you who are interested....

2011 Vision Forum Story Contest

This is really neat! I'm entering it, and even if I don't win, I'll post my story later. =)
Just thought I'd give everyone a chance to write!


November 4 and Not Much Else....

Well, the temperature has dropped dramatically over here, and we're actually expected to get some snow tomorrow or Saturday! Yipe! *shivers* I've officially latched on to my hoodie, socks, and lounge pants and won't let them go! When I'm wearing a skirt, the leggings are a must or I feel like I've come from the morgue compared to the warm flesh of other people. I hugged mom the other day and was going, "Oh! Body heat! I need it! Body heat!!!" =D I stay cold almost 24/7, even at night! Pass the extra blankets, please...

The horses now have their winter coats in, and the other day when I went to feed the horses, I got some great pictures of Max and Silkie running around, tossing their heads and manes flying in the cold wind. I tell you...Max has wings to fly! He tore across that pasture like I've never seen a horse do. His tail was held way high and his neck was arched, hooves sending chunks of soil flying behind him. Good old Max! I love my Big Boy. =)
   I had promised you videos of the Caverns, and I WILL put them up. It's just that every time I get on the computer, especially after lunch (like it is now), dad's fixing some problem at work and using the internet, so if I'm trying to upload pictures or something, it messes him up. Sooo...I can't do that now. Maybe later. :) (I've also got a really cute video of Max!)
    I took a bunch of pictures the other day, and found a really cool effect I can do with my camera without the computer or anything. I focus EmotionInMotion (my camera's affectionate name) at whatever object I want, and just as I snap the shutter, spin it, so it makes this really neat swirling effect. Really fun! I'll post those up here for you.
    We set out the Fall decorations today; can you believe that Thanksgiving is only 3 weeks away!? WOW! The clock goes on as ever, doesn't it? (Tick-tick-tock, tick-tick-tock...) Haha, perfect...I'm hearing the ticking of the clock on the wall. =) For Reformation Day, otherwise these days known as the pagan 'Halloween', we watched "Luther" and ate pumpkin pie. I hate halloween. So many demonic things sneaking around the stores, right? Who wants to invite demons to their house!? Really! The nerve of it! Besides, isn't it curious that halloween falls on really should be Reformation Day? A cover-up for one of the most biggest Christian events in History. Huh. That's strange....'s rainy today. And cold. And damp. And dark. And dank. =) But, hey! It's Fall-ish! YAY! I love Fall! But, I still can't believe it's NOVEMBER 4! At any rate, the 4 seems like a good day, so I'm going to enjoy it. 

And now...for the pictures!
 Look how tall he is!
^ Elizabeth...
or more affectionately known as 'Lizabet'. =D
^ new chicken 
that replaced Jenna. 
^And this spoiled brat is Yu...
though she can be adorable sometimes!

 Goodbye For Now!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hands Up!

Yes, yes; instead of "Heads Up"....I've recently become fascinated with hands. Weird, I know...but I have. :) I love drawing them. They express character. In girls, they express gentleness, in guys, strength. I love strong hands, and when I do draw people, strive to stress them in my drawing. I took some pictures of my hands (since nobody else would model...-.-), so that I could study them to draw, but then decided to post them up here for you, too. =) Drawing hands is very difficult for most people, but if you look at a picture, it eventually will become much easier.
Hands up, people! Take good care of 'em! =D
And that little ^ ^ ^ area right there
between the thumb and wrist is my favorite! 
...yes...think I'm strange...but it is. =D =D =D

From the Bottom to the Top of the World in 2 Hours

Yep, that's right! Okay, well, maybe not the literal "bottom" and the literal "top", but close enough! Yesterday we went to Linville Caverns, and then left from there and went to Grandfather Mountain. Bottom to Top. The caverns were AWESOME! I've never been in a cave before, so it was a new experience! It was cold, damp, and dark, save for the lights they had installed in the walls. I didn't get to take too many pictures because of the lighting, but I did take several videos that I'll put up for you. It was amazing to see the rocks and formations with my own eyes; I've only seen stuff like that in magazines! WOW! (Can you tell I loved it???)
After we had done that, we went to Grandfather Mountain. Talk about a huge difference! Standing a 1 mile above sea level, it was cold and windy, but the view was beautiful!
Anyway, here's the pictures from the trip, as well as the videos.


These deer were standing by the side of the road and weren't afraid of us!
Can you see that deer? It was in the parking lot and Grandfather Mountain, and wasn't scared.
There was a small zoo up there on the mountain, so we went and stayed a while.
Redwall, anyone?
Top of the World!!!
Here's just one video from the caverns...I'll do more later, because I don't have time now, but I will get them up! =D