Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!

Hiiiiii!!!! Wow! MERRY CHRISTMAS! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! (btw, that picture above is from Google Images...I didn't make it.:)
Here it is at the end of the day, dark, know, this is the first time it's snowed here where I live on Christmas Day since 1947!!! 0.0
Today was pretty good; we got up with our usual schedule for Christmas Day, opened stockings, opened one present each, ate our annual breakfast of "monkey bread", which is kind of like biscuits with this syrup stuff on it, and then went to church. After that, we came back and opened the rest of the presents. Here's what I got:
A KEYBOARD!!!!!! YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! I haven't stopped playing with it since! WOOHOO!
Some black eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, cherry blossom and ginseng shampoo, facial cloths, TONS of chocolate, hand warmers (YAY!), a REALLY neat Japanese coffee mug and hand held fan from a friend at church, a little notebook with Japanese design, a really amazing vase from my Grandma that's Japanese and has horses on it, a bunch of neat trinkets from my friend, an amazing Celtic CD from my sister, a huge, wonderful, over-sized hoodie from my brother, and, of course, the keyboard. A good sized loot--far more than I deserve!
It was a bit rough this usual, Satan was busy trying to wreck the day. He succeeded for a while, but I think things are OK right now.
I'm sorry that my Christmas Post it late; we were so busy yesterday, and again today, that I just didn't have time. Listen, as we celebrate Jesus' Birthday, be careful if your driving--over here, it's really snowy! Eat lots of good food...especially chocolate...>.> What am I saying?! Don't let Satan destroy your day. Mine was pretty tough this morning/afternoon. It's not worth it. At all.

As we start the New Year, 2011, let's face it bravely. I've no idea what's coming...none of us do. But with God, family and friends by our sides, we can make it. God is there. He'll always be. Don't forget.

I love you guys so much! You've been such faithful blog readers; I really do appreciate you! Let's run headlong into 2011 with joyful hearts and praising God!
Also, as a prayer request, I'd like to ask for you to pray for my dad--he's been having a really, REALLY tough time lately in a lot of's wearing him down and it's wearing us down. Your prayers would be GREATLY appreciated.

I'd like to thank all of you faithful blog readers, and, of course, those of you who only get around to reading it every now and again. =D Thanks for taking the time to read my rambling thoughts...some of you have been with me for almost two years! I'd also like to thank my family. Guys, it's tough sometimes, isn't it? Hey, but we'll make it. We've made it before, right? We'll do it again.

Once again, just, thanks. You guys are great. =) Have a wonderful rest of Christmas, and a blessed, joy-filled 2011!


Dear Jesus,

Thank You for Your Birthday. Thank You for coming and dying for not only my horrible sins, but for all of the millions You have died for. Thank You for Christmas.
Lord, please bless all of my dear, dear friends; help them to follow You closer. Thank you for my sister, for bringing her into my life. Thank You for my family. Help us to...turn around, I guess. There's been so much stress, and it's, well...killing us. Please help us, Lord...we can't do it by ourselves. Thank you for 2010. It's been an amazing year...even the bad parts. Help us to face 2011 with vigor and strength. Help us to look to You, Jesus.
Oh God...thank You for life. It's hard sometimes. Really hard. I had a meltdown yesterday...there's so much going on. Actually, my meltdowns are recently much more frequent. Please, Lord...please help me. Help all of us. Thank you that I'm me. Thank You for putting me where I am. It's exactly where I belong.
Lord, I pray for the situation in Korea. They need help, God. Please straighten this out. That's another thing that's got me stressed. There's so many people over there, on both sides, that'll be hurt and killed if a war breaks out. Please protect your saints, Lord, and bring those who are not yet saved to You.
Protect all I know, Lord, and walk with them. Walk with us. Revive America, God...turn us back to you.

I love you. Thank you for 2010....

Monday, December 20, 2010

Hello Hello Hello!!!!!!

HI! Wow! It's been FOREVER!
Not to fret...a Christmas post is on it's way December 24th! (If at all possible...)
Life has been GREAT! I've been immensely enjoying these last few weeks in the year 2010. Can you believe it's almost over!? Where does the time go!? Alright, I'll save my musings for my Christmas post. At the moment, I wanted you all to see the work I've done over the last couple of weeks. I've taken to creating my own slide-shows, and have a few done now! So here they are for you to see; I hope you like them as much as I do! Note: I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE MUSIC. NONE. AT ALL. The program I'm using is goofing up and won't let me add text to the photo; it did for my first one, and then won't anymore, so I can't add credits for who owns the music, etc., which is why I'm sticking it below every video. =) ALL photos are mine; not taken from the Internet. If you'd like to use some, please ask my permission first.

Enjoy these, guys! Have a great rest of 2010 and a wonderful, amazing Christmas!

Love forever,
This is the first one ever I've done...which is probably why the music keeps going. ;P The music is by Kevin MacLeod.
This is my third one, made for dad. He really liked it. =)
Once again, Kevin MacLeod.
Okay, this is one of my favorites! I was standing in the kitchen one morning with mom, wondering what other slideshow I could do.
"Mom, I need an idea for another slideshow..." 
She said she didn't know, and then goes, 
"Hey, you ought to make one with the cats and "What's New, Pussycat?".
THAT'S IT! This is Tom Jones' "What's New, Pussycat?" set to our...pussycats. *grin*

 And this is for my adorable 11 year old sister. =D
This is her FAVORITE song...don't ask me why, but it is, and she wanted
a slideshow of her with this it is!
Music: Smile.DK--Butterfly.
This one is sort of an "advertisement", I suppose, for my photography blog.
I LOVE this one! It's my FAVORITE! The music: Immediate Music--Rising Empire.
And finally, the Best of 2010 slideshow. This is put together with the best photos taken in 2010, and since we're coming to the close of the year, I supposed this would be a good time to post it. :) This isn't the best one, and it was massively hard to try and get the pictures to go with the music...which is why it failed, to an extent. ;P Anyway, enjoy!
Music: X Ray Dog--Time Will Tell.