Tuesday, March 27, 2012


       What a better way to put it. ^_^
This is a scheduled post, and I'm announcing that once again, I'll be gone for a bit. (Not quite sure how long... two weeks to a month.)

Consider it a sabbatical of sorts... it'll be good for me. ^_^

Love you guys! Hope you enjoy my pictures... there's PLEEENTY to go around. >.<

- hannah

Proverbs 3:5 - LIFE VERSE!

Father/Daughter Retreat 2012 Picture Edition

Japanese Cherry Tree blossoms!!!
They made me want to go to Japan during spring and see them all!

I promised pictures, so, here they are! Obviously, I'm not posting all 500... that'd be a little too much. ^_^ BUT, I will, however, give you a summary of what went on...

       Yes, that's him... he's got a cute smile. >.<

      First of all, I had a really good time with dad - we were able to talk a bit, and since I don't normally talk to him, it was good. (I mean, of COURSE I talk to him throughout the day... I'm talking about in depth stuff.) He was in a really good mood most of the time, and I enjoyed his witty humor; he's usually so busy working, I don't get to see that a whole lot; he had me laughing most of the time. =D (This post is scheduled to go out... hopefully it will!)

     Another thing that was a huge bonus is that I got to see two of my dearest friends there for the first time in *years*. One was Mirriam, my Best Friend and adopted older sister - I met her there at the Retreat *three years* ago, and haven't seen her *there* since then. I'm happy to announce that we got to spend our 3-year BFF anniversary together! It brought back LOADS of memories to be standing in the same room with her on the same day we were introduced to each other.

   The second friend is Abigail - better known as Abi. I met her there *four*  years ago... and haven't seen her at all since then. Last week, I was able to talk to her face to face for the first time since four years ago! I've been in contact with her only since about a year and a half ago; we'd lost communication before that. I was able to have the privilege of introducing her to Mirriam, and the two made an *instant* connection! Mirriam's sister Marriah was also there (and yes, I'm spelling those names right - they're very unique...); it was fun to get to know her a little better - my redheaded little hobbit friend! =D =D

The entire weekend was amazing! I think it was the best I can remember. The pictures can tell you more than I can...

    The Gardens were *beautiful*, and do to this early, insane Spring we're having, nearly all the flowers were in bloom and gorgeous. Everything was FANTASTIC. The lectures were, as well; took notes, read over 'em again, and am hoping to change some stuff in my life.

So, without further ado, I'll post these pictures for you to see, and will narrate where possible to explain what was going on...
... there's a LOT of pictures!!! 

 My dear girl Abi! It was *so* good to see her again! We thought it would be kind of awkward being in person with each other at first, but as the minutes ticked by, we became very easy with each other, and it didn't prove to be a problem - I hope to see her again soon!

My dad and Abi's dad

"I'm TRYING to read!" 

Yours truly... not the best picture. >.<

Heading to the Horticulture center - ah, the center of attention. ^_^

There she is! She had me do her hair and make-up; we've decided that her salon bill should come to about $75.90. Labor and all... 

"I WILL find you! No matter how long it takes, no matter how fah!" 
... you'd have to be a Last of the Mohicans fan to get that. >.<

Now THAT'S a window!

... don't ask. To the best of my knowledge, they were trying to figure out how the sky lights opened... it was rather... amusing. *grin*

The Secret Garden
ah... this imagination.

It's all about you, my butterfly... 

And here we are - the devious duo. >.< 

The gang! However, each of us agreed that something was missing... 
Caroline, dear - you'd better figure out how to make this work - every single one of us wanted you there!

Mirriam's adorable little chibis on paper...

AND my hand. *facepalm* 

The Tea!

One of my little friends - I met her and her sisters two years ago at the Retreat. 

Strawberries... I have a thing for them. *grin*

The twins! Sydney and Genesis are two of my friends that I've been engaged in a camera war with for about three years now... it's a battle of who can get the candid shots. >.<

A beautiful smile.

CAUGHT! Ack...

But the smile was worth it. ^_^

Marriah, looking lovely. 

My dear friend Jasmine - she's better at letter writing than I am. XD

Here we are! FYI... my dad looks good in pink. ^_^

Ah... and here's Taylor and my camera's twin. 
We are now engaged in a war. ^_^

Taylor again!

Best Friends Forever!!!

Again, at the Horticulture center; after the Tea, we all went out to enjoy the sun that had appeared - and had a *blast*. And yes, Marriah and I were the outcasts among the Sunglasses Brigade... mine broke. :P

My dad and Mr Neal enjoying a mid-air moment. >.<

Marriah pushing the swing, Mirriam on the lookout for smurfs, and Abi wondering how on this earth she ended up in this group...

Oh NO! It's BLURRY! 0.0

I *love* this picture. Three of my favorite girls on this earth with smiles on their faces and having a wonderful time... it makes me happy just to look at it.

And THIS... ah. This is classic. ^_^

Isn't she beautiful???

No popularity, please...

She CAUGHT it! (Mirriam's been catching a lot of things these days, besides colds... butterflies, smurfs, and now miniature dragons. What next!)

 This little boy was rather interested in her catch...

DAAAAAADD! I *love* this picture!

And here we are AGAIN...


Another friend from last year; my letter-writing buddy, Kirstin.

And then, it was time to say goodbye... 
It's the saddest part of the whole trip; when you have to say goodbye. It's never fun, and it's never easy. I smiled for the camera, but inside, I was very sad...

Abi and I got to say hellow to the Botkin sisters, and chat for several minutes - it was nice to see them again this year, as I do every year. 

We got to go bike riding before Abi had to leave - it was a really fun time.

Mirriam's gift to me - I wear it pretty much all the time. :)

Pictures from dinner Sunday night

I *really* like this picture - the sunlight coming in was beautiful on her red hair, and the fact that she was reading a book and not texting made for the perfect picture.

Last walk around the conference center Sunday night...

It was rather sad to see it all empty.

We had our waitress take this picture Monday morning before we left - the ironic part is, that's the EXACT same table we were at last year!

So... until next year, we say goodbye.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures - I know there were a LOAD - but, oh well. What can I say? I'm a shutter bug. ^_^ 

Here's some videos that best capture the moments...

 This is a few seconds of the 'Skylight Debate' caught on camera... it's rather amusing. *grin*

And here's the three of us goofing off at the Horticulture center...

Abi and I being silly at the Horticulture Center...

My favorite video of all! This is my all time favorite...