Thursday, July 1, 2010


I feel in a thoughtful mood, today. There's so much to think about. How God has blessed us, how He watches over us. Everything. How awesome is it? Everything from the gentle breeze that now drifts through the open windows as I sit here, to the clean, fresh atmosphere of the house. We've been cleaning a lot this morning. Ah, it's great to work! I love to work. I'll sometimes grumble about it, but when I start, it feels so good. Cleaning is great. Working outside is great. Feeding the horses is great. This afternoon, Nathan and I have to wash the side of the house. No, not the funnest job on earth, but least I can work, and not be confined to a wheelchair. I love putting my hand to something and finishing it.
I've been so blessed with so many things. My home, my friends. Everything. It's too much for words to describe. That's one thought. Here's another:
The world of darkness shall not prevail. Though the enemy may persecute us and kill our bodies, they cannot kill our souls. Have you noticed something? Though thousands...millions have tried, the Christians still thrive. No, I'm not calling for a rebellious uprising...I'm calling for that quiet strength that sends us forward. The gates of hell shall not prevail. We will win. In the end, we are the victors. We must strive to reach that goal.

A lot of random thoughts...I'm sure. My fingers wanted to type what was going through my head, so I did.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Visit My Blog

Please go to my "baby blog". There's a great video I've posted.

Although and unhappy subject to deal with, this is very important. After's not all about us......


Alright, so I sat down and wanted to model something...but I didn't know what. I just started forming a torso, and then shoulders followed, and finally, I did a guy looking down at a cell phone. Kinda weird, but I like it!
It's not the best, but that's only the second human I've done. :)
Anyway, enjoy the pictures!

Slideshow for Max

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Max is Growing Up

Look how he's grown into that halter! AH! He's getting really big, really fast.
In this picture, he looks really brown, but he's actually black. That's just his baby coat. Look at the fur around his nose....:)

Anyway, just wanted to post this picture.

In Christ,