Saturday, April 26, 2014

Makeover May

     it's true, and for the month of May, myself, my mom, and two other friends will be doing something that's both hard and right.
     it started with a phone call to my friend Abi, which lead to a fast formed idea that we both needed to do a serious detox and for 30 days, try to eat raw. i told my mom and another friend about it, and they were quickly recruited.
     the simple fact is that our bodies are temples, and we need to care for them and keep them clean and healthy; that's what we're going to try and accomplish this month. a spring cleaning, of sorts. maybe some of you would like to do it, too, which is why i'm taking the liberty to post my overall goals here. each of us are different, and have different needs, so for example, unless you're allergic to dairy, you don't have to stay away from dairy products throughout this makeover. you'll need to make your own changes and customize it, but try to keep your diet as strict as possible.
     we really need to take care of our bodies, guys, inside and out. and if you start young, you are far, FAR less likely to experience a lot of the bad health that affects a majority of our nation. because, let's face it: we're fat, we're lazy, and we rely way too heavily (no pun intended) on the Food Machine that is slowly poisoning us to death.
     God gave us this world and the things in it to use for good and His glory, and we're His creation - we must take care of what we've been given. 
    so, who's ready to do a little bit of the hard thing to do the right thing?

Makeover May

Daily Goals – Food:

Do: Mostly raw vegetables, green smoothies, protein (almonds, hemp seeds, hemp granola, hardboiled eggs); one small serving of beef or chicken (no pork) preferably every other day. Some fruits such as oranges, kiwis, very occasionally bananas. When cooking, use coconut oil or organic sesame seed oil, not butter. Yogurt at least three times a week as a probiotic.
Don't: Breads, pastas, sugary foods, dairy, sweets, anything fried, cheese, potatoes, fruits with a lot of sugar, apples (because of cross pollination); large amounts of meat.

Daily Goals – Exercise:

Do: General workout routine daily, with target areas including arms, abs and legs; extra workouts include biking, walking and running.
Don't: SKIP A DAY that workouts CAN be done.

Daily Goals – Other:

Do: Organic honey and lemon facial scrub in the evenings; rosemary essential oil hair treatment every evening; castor oil hair treatment once a week and castor oil eyelash/eyebrow treatment daily; use Valor essential oil every morning and Teatree oil every evening. Coconut oil as a moisturizer; sunbathe for 30 minutes each day possible to up vitamin D levels, and when outside, be barefooted for grounding as frequently as possible. Limit phone use and completely shutdown my laptop at night to minimize radiation in my own room.
Don't: Use synthetic lotions and perfumes; minimize the use of concealer to hide facial blemishes; use finger nail polishes or dyes of any sort.

Daily Goals – Beverage:
Do: A quart of lemon water (or mixed citrus), accompanied by three more quarts of regular water. No more than one cup of coffee in the morning to aid bowel movements. A cup of Smooth Move tea in the evenings before bed. Green smoothies for breakfast or lunch. Juice fresh fruits or vegetables when possible.
Don't: Milk, soda, any sort of artificial juices or anything with added sugar.