Friday, January 29, 2010

What's Actually Going On

Alright. So I might as well tell you exactly what's going on. I have two ovarian dermoid cysts that need to be removed. The one on the right is much larger than the left, and has been causing some discomfort. We talked to the doctor, and although the CAT scan and ultrasound didn't show anything really suspicious, we want to remove them soon and make sure they're not cancerous. The doctor doesn't think they are cancerous, but they will be sent to pathology to make sure. The one on the right isn't tooooo big...but it's big. Big enough for me to go " No wonder it's been hurting!" I really need your prayers. We were hoping that the surgery could be what's called "laparoscopic", but the cysts are too big for that, so it'll be a full-blown thing. I'll be in the hospital for two days, and about four weeks recovering. Not fun. The only immediate danger before the surgery would be the cysts twisting, but they're not quite big enough yet. They'll just keep growing, so I want them out of the way NOOOOOWWW!!! I certainly hope they are not cancerous but I know it's all in the Lord's hands. I have a peace about it, although slightly worried, (who wouldn't be!?) but I can trust in God.
Thank you for your prayers. You are all so very sweet! =D

In Christ,

Isaiah 41:10-13

Belle @ Eight Months

I am pleased to announce that Belle is doing very well @ 8 months of pregnancy. She's due May 31 so we'll be on the lookout! We're hoping we'll just go up there and see an extra set of legs...but I'd kinda like to be there when she has it. :) (Hey, I'm a photographer...what d'ya expect!?:) Naturally, I'd be right there, even if it were three-thirty in the morning, camera in hand, and be taking some really disgusting pictures! =D
This is the most recent of her...can you see her belly? Yes, our horse is getting fat....and grouchy!

In Christ,

Thursday, January 28, 2010


whew....I'm back.
It's very late, so this'll be quick. All went well. The ultrasound wasn't as bad as I thought.
Quick synopsis:
I'll be going back next Friday, and about two weeks (bleh) Oh well, it has to be done. I am very, very tired, and can't WAIT to crawl into my nice warm bed and snuggle up, fall to sleep listening to soft music, and dream peaceful dreams. :)

Thanks so much for the prayers! You all are so sweet...I love you!

In Christ,
a very tired

Drinking Drinking Drinking

Yes I'm drinking water and I'm drinking it fast! Down to 20 oz! We're leaving in about 15 minutes. AHA! Down to 18 oz! *takes another long drink* whew...only 16 more to go! Well, just thought I'd let you know. Exciting, eh? *snort* NO! Oh well....I'll let you know what happens probably tomorrow...I may not have time when I get back. :) (Actually, I'll probably be dead-dog tired....excuses, dears...excuses.:)

*14 oz* *grin*

In Christ,


And as I'm typing this, Pippin is in my lap, happily sniffing my sweater sleeve and "purring", which is actually a sort of chortling sound. Earlier this morning, I actually had him in a sling and was carrying him around the house. (Pictures to come!)
And I---OW! Pippin, don't bite!
*then stop typing about me!*
Hey, you behave yourself! I carried you around this morning because you wanted out of your cage, so don't be mean!
*but i don't want the world hearin' about me!*
*because...i'm only a lowly guinea pig named after a foolish hobbit....*
Exactly. *grins*
*go ahead an' laugh, sisteh....i'll return the favor and go to the bathroom on ya*
NOOOOO you won't! If you do that, I won't give you any lettuce or carrots for the next 24 hours and all you'll have to eat is dry pellets and water. There.
*....well fine. listen, if you're gonna tell the world about how cute i am, let me type a few random notes...ya know....leave me mark?*
Okay. Have at it:
Pippin will begin typing in
*there i'm done*
GOOD JOB! Just look at that, people...isn't that beautiful??? (seriously, he DID do that....he was standing on the keyboard....)
Now he's squealing at me. *gives him a kiss* There now, you did a good job. Congratulations.
*he stops squealing.*
No, I mean it!
*....well, alright. thank you. now where's my lettuce?*

......*gives him a blank stare*..........
Oh well, that's Pippin for you!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


*groan*'s me....prayers would be adored at the moment.....why, you ask?
Tomorrow @ 3:00 I go to the doctor for an ultrasound thingamajig....and I've got to drink 32 ounces of water BEFORE 2:00. WWWAAAAAAAHAHAHAAA!!!

okay. I know I'm being a baby...but YOU try drinking 32 ounces of water and holding it for an hour!
Oh must go on. I shall tell you how it goes.

In Christ,

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Yet Another New Blog

Yes, another blog....except for this one is far more important:
Please visit this blog and leave comments....and remember to pray.

In Christ,