Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Memories of the 2008 Father & Daughter Retreat

Hi everyone! Here are a few pictures of the 2008 Father & Daughter Retreat.
We had a wonderful time last year, and Lord willing, we will be going this March.
Hope to see some of you girls there! :)\

And, the Simple Woman's Day Book: Week Two

For Today: February 11th, 2009
Outside my window: Cool, VERY cloudy (it looks dark) and windy.
I am thinking: Getting this done. :)
I am thankful for: A nice warm house to live in!
From the kitchen: The water fountain with my mom's voice in the background.

I am wearing: A fleece robe. :)
I am reading: Stepping Heavenward, Before You Meet Prince Charming, my Bible, and The Silver Buckle.
I am hoping: That God would help me to be a better daughter.

I am hearing: My keyboard, computer vent, water fountain, and the dog drinking water.
Around the house: Well......
One of my favorite things: My Purity Locket from Vision Forum.

I accomplished since last week: Eating better.
A few plans for the rest of the week: Keep the house clean, school, and drawing a few pictures.

Here is something special that I'm sharing with

"I Killed It."

Monday, February 9, 2009


Hello, they are...the Civil War Ball pictures that quite a few of you have been dying to see.
I'm sorry that they're so blurry; there was a lot of movement and the camera wasn't cooperating. :(
Anyway, here they are:

And here's a few random ones. It snowed last week, and I went outside to take some pictures. When I stepped out into the cold, crisp air...I was suddenly Susan Pevensie in Narnia. (minus the bow, three other siblings, strange creatures, a White Witch and a roaring lion:)

Then there's always that very random picture that you just love, and have to show the world:

And then again, there's the sore foot that you cut on Sunday, propped up in a chair as you type. (Sorry about it looking so bad...but it was a bad cut. I've made it small for those with a weak stomach, so if you do want to see it, just click on the picture.) It was Sunday morning. The night before, we had gotten everything ready to go in the morning. Well, we were going to be picking up two people to take to our church, so dad had to take another car, and my sister and brother were going to ride with him. I got Rebekah in the car and was buckling her seat belt. Dad got in and started it. I quickly moved away from in between the car and wall, but as I walked away, the top of my foot caught on a big screw that was sticking out of a board laying on the floor. They went on, and I hobbled inside to go upstairs and show mom. It was bleeding really here I am with a cut in my foot, and trying not to put too much wait on it. Oh well. That's my life. :P :D

In Christ,

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