Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Well, we've decided on a name for the kitten: Tucker!
(Actually, my dad named him:)
He's very sweet and playful. So far, he's doing pretty well up in the loft; Nate and I put a box up there on it's side and put a large blanket in it, then stuffed the whole thing with he should be pretty warm! ;)
This morning, after we had fed the horses, I went around the shed and heard this 'meow'. I looked up, and Tucker was on the roof of the barn! We got him down, but about 30 minutes later, I looked out my window and he had slid down the roof and into the gutter....soooooo, we had to go and get him down from that!
(So far, he hasn't attempted to do that again---yet.:)

Well, that's about it; remember the Story Contest! I already have received a good entry by a friend, so if you have one mocked up already, go ahead and send it in!

In Christ,

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Name for My New Kitty????

Hello everyone,
Meet my new cat!
He showed up this morning out of the blue, it was cold, and he was shivering, and we were feeling sorry for him and so on...(you know how it works:)
Well, he's living up at the barn right now, but we can't figure out a name for him! He's got big gold eyes, and is about six months old. He's tota
lly black (as you can see), and is very playful.
We were considering 'Riley' or 'Smudge', those are alright, but not our favorite. Any suggestions?

Winners of the 2008 Photo Taking Contest:
We are working on the prizes...don't think that we've forgotten you! :)
We'll try and have them out by Christmas.

The Story Writing Contest is off to a good start; Keep it up!

In Christ,