Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Let's Play 'Catch-Up'!

Okay, let's play 'catch-up'....
Monday was my Birthday, I am now fourteen! We had a great day, and I got some very nice presents.
Saturday, my mom and I went to this thing called 'Women in the Outdoors', it was fun; we went fly-fishing, and shot a 22. Rifle and pistole. I also got to try my hand a archery for the first time...a
nd got bullseye the first few times! (I got three arrows in the same place, and I wasn't even trying!-I felt like Susan Pevensie from Narnia!:)
Also, one mor
e announcement for the Picture Taking Contest: as you all know, Monday was the end day, and I had said that I would be posting the winners August the 1st, well, I am really busy now with canning beans and so on, and next week my dad and brother are going to the Father/Son Retreat in Colorado, and my mom and I are going to GA that same week to visit my Grandma, (who is doing quite well,) so I won't be able to get them posted by then I don't think, but that may change-so please be patient!

I thank all of you girls for the lovely e-cards and e-mails for my Birthday...that was very sweet!
Thanks again!