Thursday, December 9, 2010

1 Year Since SOS Conference!!!!!

WAH! I don't believe it! The Sufficiency of Scripture Conference held in Ohio was 1 year ago today! Time flies! To everyone I saw and met there, hello! I hope I can see you all again soon!

Remember to take in every moment...catch it before it leaves.

Monday, December 6, 2010

First Snow of 2010!!!

WOOHOO! I'm so excited and overwhelmingly delighted! We got our first snow of 2010 on Saturday! Though not a huge snow, it still covers the ground and IT. IS. FREEZING! This morning, up at the barn, dad said it was 15 degrees. Tomorrow it's supposed to be 11! 0.0 YIPE! News Flash: Last night, I actually went to bed with socks on....I NEVER DO THAT! I've got six fleece blankets on my bed, plus the hoodie I wear, the flannel PJ bottoms, and the countless pillows that I bury myself in at night. =D (Plus my two cats, one on one side, one on the other...) I have to dig for 10 minutes to get out of my pillow-and-blanket-and-cat hole before getting out of bed in the morning. =) Right now I'm wearing my black lounge pants, my brother's thick socks and a black and white striped three-quarter length shirt that my BFF gave me. Oh, and a thick navy blue hoodie. I love the snow!!! (Until it lays around for months on end...then I want it to go!) This is Max's first snow, and boy did he get excited! At first, he ignored the strange flakes of white stuff falling from the sky. Then he began to get curious once it started building up on the ground. At that point, he began to eat it. Then he began to paw at it. THEN he took off around the pasture in kicking fits with Silkie! He's GORGEOUS! Black against white...can't get any better than that. Silkie was also rather tickled. She bucked, reared, ran, spun...anything you can think of. Then she actually talked to me in quiet nickers when I said, "Come on, girl! You're too old for this!" (She's 7.)

     Also, the other day, Max cut his shoulder really bad on a piece of tin we've got covering the electric box. We've been having to spray antibiotics on it twice a day every day, and then every other day, we have to give him a shot in the neck. Not fun. But, like I told dad....he'll be used to pain! The cut is gross. It's long, wide, and completely...disgusting. Poor boy. I hope he gets better soon!
     Christmas is coming! I can't believe it! Mom wrapped the presents yesterday, but she didn't label them...*growl* We're old enough now so that we can pretty much guess what we're getting...especially when huge, mysterious boxes arrive everyday of the week. >=D So...she didn't label them. Oh well. I've boxed up and am getting ready to ship out a couple of presents for my dear friends, so they'll be happily receiving them in a few days! (And to the friends I'm talking about...DO NOT OPEN THEM UNTIL CHRISTMAS! THAT'S AN ORDER!!) =D
     On a slightly different note...I guess most of you have probably heard about the stuff that's going on in Korea. We need to be praying. Seoul is only 30 miles from the NK boarder, and the president of South Korea suspects that NK will once again fire, but this time on the capital. Let's be praying that doesn't happen, because if it does, then WE'LL be getting involved, as will China and Russia, who are both on North Korea's side. Even if that does happen, who do we trust in? God, or man? You had better have said 'God', because if you didn't, you and I are going to have a serious disagreement....
God is our trust. He knows what He's doing. Prayer is the most powerful thing on earth, so we SHOULD PRAY! C'mon, start a prayer chain! Why not? The things we should really pray for are, of course, that a war would not break out, if it's His will, and that He'd keep people on both sides safe. Millions of Christians in North Korea can't do a thing about it and are on the top 10 persecution list. Then you have millions of Christians in South Korea. And America. And China. And Russian. And all of the nations. We need to pray. I can't stress it enough.

    Alright. Now that that's out of my system. =) Who's excited about Christmas? If you said "ME!", GOOD! Let's enjoy the holiday as much as we can! Satan loves trying to destroy, mess up and stress out families around this time of year, doesn't he? (Trust me...I'D KNOW!) Let's slow down, take a deep breath, and enjoy it. After all...this is the only Christmas in 2010, and this year is almost GONE. (I can't BELIEVE it!0.0) Let's love it as we live it, and laugh along the way, shall we? After all...we'll never have 2010 again. There's only one 2010 in all of History...and we're in it.
Love you guys and have a wonderful Merry Christmas! I probably won't be posting again until then, so keep a look out for me around Christmas!

Love you!

Here's some cute pictures of things that have gone on in the past couple of months. Moments I capture, angles I tried, and little furballs that are forever frozen in the memory of a photo. 

(btw, my new favorite drink is a StarBucks Frappucino!)

Monsteh Cat! 0.0
...and this is what happens when I take a nap on my couch. Shina is there in a flash! (Rebekah took the photo.)
Max yawning. So cute. *grin*
Yui enjoying using me as a perch....
...can't I get a moment's rest without this cat using me as a pillow?
A wall of clouds over the mountain.
Setting up the Christmas Tree.
Now HOW can you resist THAT!?
Everywhere you look...
There she is! And I must give my dad a big round of applause on this one...he usually HATES it when one of the cats climbs in his lap, but he sat there and petted Shina for a long time. Yay, dad!