Friday, December 31, 2010

I Say Goodbye -(2010)-

Well people...this is it. Can you believe it? I really don't know what to say...
This year has been AWESOME, to say the least! I'm amazed at how fast it's flown by. It seems like only a couple of days ago I was doing my "Goodbye 2009" post.
So many things have happened this year in my life. Not necessarily 'big''s been more of the little things, I guess. I've mentioned a few highlights of the year in the above video, but I want to type them, too. So...I shall. =)

1. In May, Max was born! I'm so glad he's part of our family now.
2. In March, dad and I went to the Father-Daughter Retreat in GA and had a really good seems like the older you get, every time you go, you've got a different perspective on things, and pay more attention to the little details. The same with all of life.
3. I've grown a lot this year. Not only physically, but spiritually. I'm so, SO happy that I can look back on the year and see a progression. This is good! =D
4. In October, our dear cat Lemon died. Last year, two of our pets died in the same month, but this year, thankfully, only one. We miss that cat...but, hilariously enough, he was replaced only three months before by the showing up of a little furball that now is known as Shina. =) (I told dad that we are forever doomed to always have five cats!)
5. I got my keyboard!!! =D =D =D
6. I'm much, MUCH better friends with those I know. We're closer in SO many different ways than we could ever have imagined!
7. We got our "Chexy Chickens", as they are affectionately called. The 'chexy' part came from the little hen who's name is Chex, and then we turned it into a pet name for all of them. Don't ask quirk. =D
8. At the beginning of the year in February, I had my first surgery. I never thought I would, which was a mistake! It wasn't scary, and I got through it wonderfully. My Angel was there. =)
9. I'm far more interested in photography and "Capturing the moment".
10. Do I dare say it? Is it possible? ...I'm even MORE dramatic than I was!!!! 0.0 =D
11. I've met new people, I know new names, I've made new friends.
12. I have a new, improved, invigorated love for music. What would the world be without music????
13. Life is good. God is good. I'm happy. I want to run outside and scream! I LOVE LIFE! It's got major mountains and valleys, but that's life, people!

2011 will have just as many valleys and mountains. Maybe a few more and a more frequent, maybe not. Who knows? God knows. I've got my family and friends there beside me. The Lord is with me. My Guardian Angel is with me. I've learned lots of lessons in 2010, and you can bet your buttons (or zippers, or snaps, or whatever it is you wear:) that there will be plenty more to come in 2011.
There will never, ever again in History be a 2010. Ever. This is it. We're in it. Guess what? There'll never again be a 2011. We're in it. Let's enjoy it. Even when we're upset. When I'm angry, or upset, or having a breakdown, which happens often, I have to keep reminding myself that IT'LL PASS! No matter what I'm going through at the moment, it'll pass, my life will move on, and better things are to come. Really, at the end of it all, even with all of the pretty frightening stuff that's going on in the world, the end result is that CHRIST. WILL. REIGN. What does that mean? THE BAD STUFF WILL PASS! It will! That's why 'real gold fears no fire'. That's my absolute favorite quote from the book "Safely Home". It's my life motto.
    I was up at the barn earlier today, enjoying the warm sun and the breeze. It was so beautiful. I was thinking, "Wow, I'm a lucky girl! I get to live in such a gorgeous place, paid for. This is my home..." And I've got so many pets that are absolutely, annoyingly wonderful! I've got a family that loves me, even though I can be horribly annoying. I've got a friends to laugh and cry with me. I'm in good health. I've got nine acres to run free on. I'm surrounded by nature and farm life. I've got a roof over my head and a wonderful, cozy room, which I just cleaned from top to bottom, by the way! I've got it all. I'm all in. It's mine. God has blessed me wonderfully. I am loved. And my dad is pacing back and forth and WON'T SIT DOWN! >.> =D

2010 has been a good year. I hope it's been for you, too. Let's see what happens in 2011.
God is good. He's let me live one more year. He's let my family live one more year. He's let my friends live one more year. We're in His hand. Forever.

Have a wonderful, safe 2011. Bring in the New Year praising God for your life. Don't forget.
Thank you so much for being readers of DeJaVu All Over Again, or more commonly known as WaitingRose. Most of you have been around since I started in 2008, three years ago this February. Many of you are new, and I appreciate your willingness to read the rambling thoughts of a 16 year old girl who's cup is overflowing with life. Hopefully, there will be many, many more posts to come in the year 2011.

God be praised!
Oh, one last thought.....

My last five photos of 2010

With Love,
-Hannah, Max, Belle and Silkie