Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day

To quote my friend Caroline, Valentines day is: "Sad, happy, and scary." 

Sad, because I'm alone. 
Happy, because I don't currently have to deal with it.
Scary, because you're open to any random card or stranger hug. 

This is actually truly the first year I've been more on the sad side of things, but the pretty flowers on my desk from Dad and the post on tumblr from my Best Friend and my Jar of Good Things help to run it away. 
It's an odd day to me. One day a year everyone decides to buy flowers and hearts for their significant others, the stores make loads of money, and the card isles are packed.... why can't we express our love for that special person more often than once a year? It kind of irritates me. Everyone (especially the guys) are suddenly in a frenzy of "Ack! It's Valentines! Must buy a card and flowers or I shall be eliminated!" I mean, really? It drives me mad. 

So, to you who have that special someone, love them with all your might and everyday. Don't resort to once a year. 
And to people like me (and you, and you, and probably you,) who don't yet have that special someone, keep calm and carry on. We'll find them one day. ;) 
And to both parties: remember Christ's love. It's the most important.