Saturday, May 29, 2010


This evening, at 6:00 PM, Gates was born. Yes...BELLE'S HAD HER BABY!!!! He's all black with a white mark on his forehead, nose, both back legs, and tummy. HE'S SO CUTE! It's about 9:00 PM right now, and we have to stay up there until about 12:00 to make sure he nurses. So far, he hasn't yet. I'll tell you the whole story Monday! Thank you so much for the prayers and I'll give Gates a kiss for you all!!!!!!!

Love you!!!

Is Freaking Out....

Belle waxed up this morning! We called the vet and they said that she'll have it either TONIGHT or TOMORROW NIGHT!!!! I'm SO excited! Please be praying, though. I think it'll go well, but you never know. Belle's about to pop...literally. I'm getting up early tomorrow morning to go check on her, and will give you an update if she's had it!

In Christ,
-A very excited

Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm Bummed...

Yes, I am...
We knew we probably couldn't go when Belle first got pregnant, but now that it's next week...WAHAHAHAAAA!!!!! *sniff*
Yes, I am...
I'll be missing the Homeschool Conference! ARG! And with that, Memorial Day. I have mixed emotions about it all. I'll miss it terribly, yet at the same time I'm excited about Belle, and kinda glad we'll be able to take a whole week off from everything and get stuff done! *bangs head on computer desk* Ooooh woe is me. I'm sad. I'm happy. I'm hyper. I'm...bummed. A weird bunch of emotions, eh? I know, I know...I'm crazy. Oh well. At least I'll get a foal out of it all!

In Christ,
-a slightly bummed

Crazy Moments I and my brother got goofy. Except...I was the one on camera. :)