Friday, April 18, 2014

A Day Outside

     yesterday we spent the day outside, cleaning and preparing for Spring. it was absolutely wonderful. i pulled my hair up in a topknot, grabbed my water bottle, and headed outside to clean up our messy front yard while my mom, brother and sister went up to the garden to clean out the square foot boxes. i raked up leaves, trimmed the butterfly bushes, cleaned off the front porch, and enjoyed the sunlight. my irises are coming up beautifully; i can't wait until they come into full bloom.

     being outside yesterday was wonderful. get outside and enjoy the sunlight.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Monday, April 14, 2014

She's the Elsa to my Ana

Forever and Always

      i'm very late in this post. i thought that our six year BFF date was this April, but it was March 26.
      time has slipped through my hands and i often wonder where it's gone away to.
      so, here is a long overdue post, cherishing the friendship between two girls who have been through a lot together. their friendship has taken many sharp turns, gone over mountains, splashed through creeks on a beautiful spring day, and even experienced some bloody knees from a fall or two. but, here we are. we dubbed ourselves Dumb & Dumber, and i don't think we could ever shake that title. we've shared so many laughs and beautiful moments together that are too many to count, and they're forever locked away in my heart.
     to the girl who has been there for me "through thick and through thin", as you once said, "i'll always cherish the great friend that you've been."
     Mirriam, i will always be here for you when you need me. i promise.

     i was searching for some pictures of us, and i discovered this in a previous blog post that i did. i think this sums us up pretty well:

She's 5'10"; I'm 5'6".
She's a blond; I'm a brunette.
She's witty; I'm a little slower.
She's a Dragon Catcher; I'm a Smurf Snatcher.
She mostly writes fantasy; I write fictional dramas.
She sings well; erm... I don't.
She can do impersonations; I can't.
She likes Elves; I like Men. (That sounds awkward... she's okay, I promise.)
She LOVES books; I'm not that huge into them. (Honestly... it takes a good 10 minutes to pull her away from a bookshelf!)
She's nearly fearless, unless it's a spider; I'm disturbed by the Disney Alice in Wonderland.
She hates a lot of vegetables; I love them.
It's absolutely *impossible* to embarrass that girl; me, on the other hand? Just say something that I said or thought is sweet or cute, and I blush.
*grin* She knew what 'boom shakalaka' meant... I didn't. =D 

There's way too many difference between us to count, but we're *still* best friends. Our being sold out to Christ is the tie that binds, and everything else; writing, drawing, laughing, hot chocolate, insaneness, dreams, jokes, music, people... all of that follows.

Mirriam - you're the best. I love you, girl! (Even if you DO torture me with evil things... 
All thanks to Him that we're in each other's lives...
WOW, it's so AMAZING!

      thank you for all of the years we spent together. i hope we can look forward to more.

     - hannah