Tuesday, June 3, 2014


     i can't believe summer is standing outside.  i've been enjoying the warm sunlight through the trees and the scent of life everywhere. it's been very beautiful, and it's kind-of hard to take it all in.
     summer is always very meaningful to me, and i'm not sure why. summer spent talking to a new friend while laying under the shady spread of an old, lazy tree, staring at clouds as your soul becomes knit to theirs; summer spent standing in a small room close to someone that meant the world to you, the breeze from outside drifting in through the open window and being the one thing your senses remember vividly; summer nights spent laying in the grass and gazing up at the starts, the lightening bugs glowing all around you and appearing as the sky falling; summer spent forgetting all worries and stepping off of the porch in a downpour, letting the rain wash over you...
     summer means so many things. 
     this summer will, also.
     i'm going to florida in august to stay with a darling friend of mine for a week at a beach house, and my summer will be spent walking the beach and smelling the salty ocean breeze. maybe my summer will bring a dear person closer to me. maybe summer will bring new adventures and a brighter smile. 
     i think God makes summer special for us.