Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Simple Woman's Day Book

The Simple Woman's Day Book . . .

FOR TODAY, July 30, 2009 ...

Outside My Window...

Dim. It's 6:30 in the morning. Cloudy, and a bit rainy. *yawn*

I am thankful for...

Living to see another Birthday....*glances out window* and the cat who is trying to get my attention by sharpening her claws on the screen....=D

From the kitchen...
Dark. Quiet. Strange thump....what WAS that?

I am wearing...

Flannel snowflake PJ bottoms and a pink shirt that says "Lee" other words....I'm still in my pajamas! (Gimme a's six in the morning...)

I am creating...
What AM I creating??? Um...Hopefully a drawing of Scarlett....not from Gone with the Wind, mind you. =D

I am going...

I am reading...

Uuuuummm....haven't been doing much reading, lately. Just my Bible, for the most part.

I am hoping...

To finish this soon and put on some real clothes.=D Oh, and to go down to GA with my dad on a business trip so I can see Earwen AGAIN! =D

I am hearing...
The keyboard. That's it. It's quiet and dark in the house.

Around the house... me just say that we got five HUGE boxes of peaches and we got FOUR of them done yesterday....the kitchen's kinda messy.

One of my favorite things...
If I can call Earwen a "favorite thing"...then I reakon she would be it! =D (Okay, that came across kinda rude...she's not a thing...)

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... the rest of the peaches, get the house clean, write some, draw, chat with Earwen, and hopefuly thing up of another post to do before the week is out. =D

Here is picture tho
ught I am sharing...

In Christ,
~Miss Rose

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fifteen Years Old @ 6:00 AM

This morning I woke up to the sound of my CD player going off. It was still dark in the room as I groaned and rolled over in bed. Immediately, the thought passed through my head, "Oh, great, I slept in again...I bet it's after six." I sat up, rubbing sleep out of my eyes as I looked at the clock on my dresser.
Wow! 5:59! I couldn't believe it! I never get up one minute before six. :) Fifteen years ago today at 6:00 AM I was born. I sat in bed, waiting for 6:00. I smiled as it turned....I was now officially fifteen. Slowly and sleepily, I crawled out of bed. I got my coffee and went back into my room to get ready to go get breakfast with daddy. Each year on my Birthd
ay, he takes me out to breakfast at the Bluffs Restaurant up on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The drive was very nice, and we saw at least eight deer. Thankfully and for the first time, I actually got a good picture of one. She was crossing the road and stopped on the other side to nibble at a bush. I was so happy I finally got one! We stopped at several overlooks on the way, and got some good pictures. We had lots of fun, to say the least. :)

Also, I took some pictures of Pippin to show you all. He's so cute! I've got a video of him, but it wouldn't load. Arg. :( I'm going to try and upload it soon, though; maybe tomorrow. Anyway, I thou
ght I'd just share that with you.
Enjoy the pictures!

In Christ,
~Miss Rose (now fifteen!:)

p.s. No, I didn't get my hair cut; it just l
ooks that way in the picture. :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Birthday Fun

Friday rolled around. Bright, sunny, and absolutely beautiful. Just the weather to match my mood. We had planned this for almost two weeks, and now it was finally rolling around. I was waiting for the phone to ring. Waiting. Watching. Listening. Oh when was it going to ring?! It was about 2:00 in the afternoon. I slumped down in the chair next to the computer, watching mom do some work there. Resting the Pepsi I had just poured myself on the arm of the chair, I let my head fall back and closed my eyes. I had been carrying that silly phone around all morning, and finally just set it back in the cradle. A few moments silence passed, nothing but the keyboard clicking under mom's fingers and the water fountain in the kitchen to be heard. Suddenly...without warning and at the least expected moment...the phone rang. I jumped up, almost spilling the cup as I hastily set it down on the desk. Running to the phone, I answered. There was a strange beeping and then it cut off. Joy. I looked at the caller ID. Yup. It was them. I went into the living room and called back, hoping to keep the signal this time. Well, I got through. She was almost here. I already had my shoes on, ready to go. Grabbing my camera from my room, I put it in the pocket of my skirt and ran outside, up the drive way, and down the road to the white farm-house that she and her family would be staying in. Nathan, mom and Rebekah followed in the car. (Don't know why they was just a short walk from our house.:) We checked everything out, and then waited on the front porch. A couple of cars passed by, but it wasn't them. I'd know when they came; they would be in a green van. Finally, over the hill of the road, the tip of a green colored van came nosing it's way up. I stood, trying to see who might just be in the vehicle. YES! It was them! I ran off the porch of the white house and into the grass, so excited I could hardly stay still. The side door slid open, and Earwen jumped out. :D Oh it was SOOOO good to see her again! We had met at the Father~Daughter Retreat in Callaway Gardens down in Georgia. She and her family had come almost seven hours to visit us and stay for my party. I got to meet her sister and brother, along with her mom. I had met her dad briefly at the retreat. I can't even begin to tell you how happy I was to see her. We're best're sisters. :D That would probably be the best way to describe us. We walked back to the house, hand-in-hand. I couldn't believe that she was ACTUALLY at my house! I showed her our property, along with her sister Marriah, sat in my room and talked for hours, went outside and talked some more, ran around, went back inside and looked at books and talked AGAIN. Thankfully, she got to spend the night over at my house. Guess what? We talked till 3:30 AM. Shocker, eh? There was SO much to catch up on! Five and a half hours of talking non-stop. Well, save to get up and use the restroom. :) Even though we only got two hours of sleep, we were up and hoppin' the next morning to get ready for the party. And boy were we booking it! We couldn't have done it without her sister Marriah; she baked the scones and made fruit salad. She was such a big help! Most of the recipes were taken from the Redwall website. We made strawberry scones, a "Meadowcream Cake", mini-quiche, cheesecake tarts, fruit salad and a host of other things. Then cleaned up with only about fifteen minutes to go till everyone arrived and we STILL had to get dressed in the party attire. :) Well, despite two minutes to spare and a couple of "wardrobe malfunctions" on my part, we got everything done. Close call, but we did. :D I had several good friends over, and, of course, they were all pushing me to get my food first and sit at the head of the table and all that...stuff. *sniff* :D After it was over, we changed from our party clothes to more practical clothes to go to the barn and see the horses. We did that last year, and decided to do so again this year. I got some great pictures while up there, and Belle was REALLY enjoying all of the attention. :) Oh, and might I mention that all the guys were wise to go up to the Parkway and escape the endless chattering of about eight girls. :D We came back down and went in my room, and no one could resist holding the adorable Guinea Pig that I got for my Birthday. He's black, white and brown...and irresistibly cute! I named him Pippin. I didn't get any pictures yet, but I'll put some up. He enjoyed showing off by digging in his shavings and trying to hide under them...and then sneezing. He was passed around and petted. I think he enjoyed it. :) Then a couple of friends...of who's names I won't mention:) up on my loft bed and had a pillow fight. I stayed clear! It got pretty violent. :D (Not really...)
It was lots of fun. Night rolled around, and Earwen and I stayed up again. We didn't want to stay up too late, because the next day was Sunday. Unfortunately, they couldn't make it to church; they were going to go, but they'd be getting home WAY too late. So...we wanted to use every moment we could. We were up till about 12:00 AM, and took a bunch of hilarious videos. The next morning was Sunday...and they would be leaving. It was SO sad! We had Nathan take a bunch of random pictures, and then he took a video...without us knowing. :) (I've posted it...don't worry!) We didn't want to leave each other...not at all. It was sad...SOOOOO SAD! They got to stay for a little while, but they left around 10:00 in the morning. I didn't want her to leave! It was sad, but the good news was...THEY MIGHT BE COMING BACK IN OCTOBER!!! YAAAYY!!!! I'm REALLY wanting October to get here! I love Earwen so much, and we had a wonderful time. The best in my life, if I do say so myself. :) The rest of this post is going to be taken up with pictures...we took a ton. :D

Love ya, Earwen!

In Christ,

~Miss Rose

P.S. Tomorrow's my Birthday...YIPEE! :D