Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Wonders of God's Creation...Horses

....Horses...a Wonder of God's Creation....

Horses are probably the most fascinating creatures of all my mind, anyway. They are one of the most--if not THE--most graceful wonders of God's creation. He made the horse specially designed to carry a human being, and to be tamed for man's uses. Horses can be wild as the wind or as gentle and delicate as a spring flower. I have the privilege of owning three horses: an American Quarter Horse, which is the fastest horse to run a quarter of a mile in under a minute, and can, for a fact, stop from a full gallop and turn on a quarter...literally. A Halflinger, which is a small version of the Belgian Draft horse, known for their gentleness and stalky build, and an American Paint Horse, known for their quick wit and quiet temper. All horses have a graceful, yet powerful look about them, giving them a beauty all of their own. Words can not describe can only behold their majesty with your own eyes. Next time you see any horse, if you haven't ever stopped to look, stop now. Stand there and look at him. Watch him. See what he does. Watch his ears prick and his eyes brighten as he looks at you, wondering if you've brought him a treat. Watch him lower his muzzle into the grass and chomp away contentedly. Watch him sniff at another horse curiously, or lift his noble head to catch a scent in the wind. Watch him gallop with nothing but sheer energy if he is in a frisky mood, or trot about, snorting and swishing his tale to warn off another horse. Just watch and observe, and maybe you'll see why I love them so much.

In Christ,
~Miss Rose