Saturday, April 9, 2011


So, I'm sure you've heard me use that expression a lot. I really like it, because it's true.
Not "fighting" as in trying to get at each other's necks, but "FIGHTING!" as in keep going!
It really is true, you know. I say that to myself a lot because I have to remind myself to keep going.
For instance - here's one thing I'm working on.
Our body is the temple of God, right? Shouldn't we work to keep it in good shape?

1 Cor 9:26-27:
Therefore I run in such a way, as not without aim; I box in such a way, as not beating the air;  but I discipline my body and keep it in control.

(That's only part of a verse, by the way...)
But this is what I'm working on. "I discipline my body and keep it under control."
We shouldn't let our appearances just rot, should we??? If we take care of our bodies, not only does it do us wonders, but it's honoring God! And no, I'm not saying go anorexic to lose weight...that's a no no. I mean WATCH what you eat and don't gorge yourself! Our family's back on the "low-carb" diet, and I feel SO much better! More energy! More strength! More dance power! :P (I like to dance...)
God blessed us with the bodies we have...we should take care of them.
Wash your hair - don't let it get careless.
Wash your body with good soaps - take care of everything from your face to your feet.
Feel fresh in the mornings. Dress up, if you have to!
Drink lots of water - don't feed yourself junk food.

Don't JUST take care of your bodies, but take care of your souls, too, friends.
When you get up, just don't do your physical exercise - do your spiritual exercise, too!

Anyway - I just wanted to say that. Thus...Fighting! =D
Keep fighting, friends - you'll be rewarded one day!

Always FIGHTING, ^.^

P.S. It's POURING here! Really! 3:39 and it looks like it's about 7:30! Dark! Sheets of rain! Storms! Thunder!!!
(And last night it did the same thing - I forgot to close my window, and was woken up at 1:53 in the morning by rumbling thunder. I rolled over, looked down at my window, and saw my curtains billowing in, and it lightninged! It was soooo cool!

He's My Big Boy

Yes, he is...he's my very special Big Boy.
He's now weaned, and so tall. He's strong, too. I love my Big Boy.

He always gives me a kiss on the nose, and naturally, I return it - I love how soft he is.

Yes...he's my Big Boy.

New Chickens!

Yeah, we got four new chickens. ^.^
They're so cute!! Nathan graciously gave me three of them, so he's got one. :)
Anyway, I already named them, so without further ado, I'd like you to meet:

She LOVES laying in the sun...
 Captain G
Yes, a stupid name...her full name is Captain E.G.G....
so...thus Captain G for short. ^.^
And Yuki
She's very shy...but I think she'll get better. ^.^

I hope you like them!!!!

Always Fighting,

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

You'll Figure It Out

Who Am I?

28 quirks about me that make up my personality!
WARNING: Some of these are completely may never look at me the same way again - reader discretion is highly advised. Nightmares may follow...

1. If you're ever around me for any length of time, you'll find that at various intervals, I'll pop both wrist bones, my thumb joints, and my neck. Occasionally, you'll hear me make my fifth vertebrate my fourth...
2. If you were to observe me drawing a person, you'd find that subconsciously, I mimic the facial expression on my drawing's face...
3. I often make a weird subconscious face that looks a little bit like this:
 4. If you were to sneak in on me while I was alone, you might hear me holding a full fledged conversation with my best friends or the characters in my head...
5. When I clean the kitchen and no one else is around, (especially in the evening where I make coffee, clean counters, wash dishes, all with a small overhead light and it's dark outside and wonderful...) I play "Cafe".  Seriously. I'm the owner of a small, tiny cafe that I run, and while I'm about to close down at night, I get a couple of visitors that I think are special, and go ahead and make them some coffee while they sit at the island, and I talk to them while I'm cleaning. ^.^ (I used to play "cafe" a lot when I was little.)
6. I get chill bumps and do some weird little happy dance when I hear Epic Score.
7. I often look mad when I'm not. this picture, I'm NOT trying to look mad!
8. When I'm by myself, I sing at the absolute top of my lungs. (And seeing as I can't sing very well, it's pretty hilarious!)
9. For me, the shower is my theater. As I scrub my hair and get soap all in my eyes, I adore belting out lines and arguing with pretend characters. (Hey! What better place to be a "rain-soaked" dramatic actor that just lost the most important person in their lives!?) XD 
10. When I'm sitting at the computer, reading a book, or trying to do math problems, I have the horrid habit of tapping my index finger on the area between my nose and my top lip:
11. I think something like this is horrifying:
 12. I wear only one set of jewelry, which is my Best Friend necklace and one of those "dog tag" chains...but it doesn't have a dog tag.  On rare occasion, I'll wear something a little more "blingy". 
13. The first thing I look at on a person is their hands. I tend to highly notice the little part between the wrist and the thumb.

14. I tend to be cold all of the time - occasionally, even during the Summer. (Hey, right now, I'm wearing a hoodie!)
15. Speaking of hoodies - I'm a hoodie maniac. I LOVE hoodies!!!
16. I'm the kind of person that would adore taking a photograph of a lonely chair in the middle of a rolling hill with storm clouds around it. I'm that kinda person. :P
17. I subconsciously clench my jaw a lot - it's become a habit.
18. Now for something hilarious...
This is generally what happens when I sit down to do math. This is at my desk in my room. I'm going back and forth between doing math and reading the track names for the CD I'm listening to. (Which happens to be Epic Score....) My guess is that you'll find this rather hilarious - my mom was about to die laughing and then goes, "So THAT'S why you never get it done!" 
Seriously...I am NOT acting for the camera. Noooo. This is really, truly what happens!
19. The very, very first thing I notice in a movie, even before the first screen is up, is the MUSIC!
20. Yes, it's true...I still sleep with my teddy bear, my beagle Buddy, and...*sniff* blankie. ^.^ I'd die without it! (I feel like that kid on Charlie Brown...) 
"Maybe I'll make it into a sport coat!" 
Anyway, yeah. I do. I've had the blanket since I was a BABY, and Buddy since I was ten. I recently adopted the bear because I love having something big to wrap my arms around at night. =D Call me weird, but hey...I'm me. ^.^

21. My. Room. Must. Be. CLEAN. No exceptions. (Except Sunday morning when I toss all my clothes on the floor...) 

22. Everything must be in absolute order. Everything from my watch that stays on my lamp, to the chapstick that sits beside it. Everything on my desk MUST stay in a certain place, or I become deathly distraught. 

23. I find paint chipped alley walls fascinating, for some odd reason, and everything like that seems to capture my attention. 

24. I eat ice cream with a fork. 
25. I cry during really sad movies because, that's not just that character...that's the actor!! 0.0 (especially when it's an actor you really like.) 
26. As soon as my feet hit the floor (along with the rest of my body) in the mornings, I put on a toboggan. Two of them, actually. 
27. I love hugs. I love, love LOVE hugs! I can meet someone ONCE for only TEN minutes and will give them a side-hug before I leave! (Some people of my acquaintance despise this...^.^) 
But, I'm a huggable person. 
 28. DJ Dex must ALWAYS be wearing his headphones...

What can I say?
....I'M ME!!