Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I Say Goodbye -(2013)-

     "it was the best of times, it was the worst of times." 
                                                                                    - a tale of two cities

     there are only a few short hours left in the year 2013; i'm finding it very hard to believe, and it's not quite sinking in, and probably won't until later tonight. 
     this year has been crazy for me. God has been growing me, is really all i can say. i was thinking back this morning to the time i stayed over at my friend Caroline's house last year, and how different i am right now - not necessarily different in my personality, but in the things i'm interested in and put my attention to. i can, by God's grace, look back and see how i've grown. this year has been a challenge for me in personal ways; mostly in my relationships with different people. there have been scary, looming mountains ahead of me, but, you know... time to put on the climbing gear. the Lord has been incredibly gracious to me... and He's testing my faith and pushing me where i need to be pushed.
     i'm sitting in the lounge chair in my room right now, looking out the window; the sun is on its downward journey towards the end of the horizon; i'm listening to "fireflies" by owl city, surrounded by glowing fairy lights and trying to type out the feelings and thoughts going through my head right now. i just honestly can't believe that the year is over. 2013 has been amazing, tiring, stressful, beautiful, tearful, inspiring - and i can not believe that it's coming to a close. i'll sit up tonight, writing in my packed journal, sending the year off with a final goodbye, and a quiet hello to 2014, once again wondering where the year will take me.
     so much can change in the course of 365 days... please don't take it for granted. i often do, and though i've gained some beautiful things, i've also lost some. life is funny like that. God gives you some of the most beautiful things when you least expect it - and then, for his own reason, He takes them away; but all things are for our good. as a friend of mine once said, "when life gives you a box of chocolate, run or get fat." i couldn't have said it better myself. don't think you deserve it, don't take it for granted; love and cherish the moment, the person, the day, as though you could lose it, him or her tomorrow.
     as always, work hard this year to grow in body and spirit, and work to serve Christ as hard as you can. thank you call for being followers and readers of my blog throughout another year; you're all amazing, and seriously guys, i love you so much.
    i hope 2014 is an awesome year... so much was packed into 2013, it's bound to be.

     happy new year, and FIGHTING!!!
     2013, we say goodbye. 2014, we look forward to what God has in store.

     - the writer