Thursday, October 2, 2008

New Fall Background!

Hello girls,
So, what do you think of my new blog background?
I thought it was kinda neat, but from all the trouble I experienced while trying to put it on...I don't think that I'll do it again next year! :P
Anyway, tell me what you think.

What Autumn Means to Me:

Sitting in the den with my family, a fire burning in the hearth.
Drinking hot chocolate or coffee after feeding the horses on a cold day.
Snuggled up in my big, red, fleece blanket while sitting in front of the fire.
Bundling up to go and feed the horses.
Stepping outside for a quick second to get a better glimpse of the rising sun early in the morning
and then jumping back in to the warmth of the house.
Picking fall leaves to decorate our table with.
Eating hot, steaming soup around the table for super, maybe some candles lit as the centerpiece.
And my favorite part of all: slipping on a long, warm nightgown and crawling in to my bed with lots and lots of blankets and all of my stuffed animals to keep me warm! :)


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Simple Woman's Day Book

For Today…October 1st, 2008
Outside my Window…Cold! (and a bit overcast.)
I am thinking…About showing my brother a video off of YouTube when he gets back. :)
I am thankful for…Fall!
From the kitchen…Oh, nothing much, I hear the pressure cooker steaming away from doing cinnamon apple sauce.
I am wearing…Dark red skirt, blue shirt and no shoes.
I am reading…My Bible, soon to be reading 'Stepping Heavenward'.
I am hoping…
To hear back from my friend Caroline soon.
I am hearing…Keyboard, computer vent, my mom and sister, pressure cooker.

Around the house…
Fairly clean, save for my sister's 'Thomas the Tank' stuff on the floor.
One of my favorite things
…My Purity Locket from Vision
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week
…Friday going over to my friend Caroline's house.
I accomplished since last week:
Getting a Christmas present done for my dad.
Here is a picture I want to share with you...
(Isn't this just GORGEOUS?)

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Several Announcements....

*Clears throat and taps foot on the floor...arms are crossed.*
Alright girls...once again, where are you?!
I have had no comments on 'Overcome' and only one girl sent in her address for the Picture Taking Contest thing!
Please comment on 'Overcome', I thought we all agreed to do 'Musical Mondays'! :)
Also, if you wish to receive a prize, you MUST, must, I say, send in your addresses by....drum role please...October 10-or you will NOT get your prize! (Come on, you don't want to miss a lovely bracelet with your favorite color and name on it, do you?:)

Well, I guess that's about it, but PLEASE send in your address, favorite color and name.
Oh, and PLEASE comment!


P.S. This is my sixtieth post!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Overcome By David Nevue

Well, I was a bit surprised that I didn't get many comments on "Requiem for a Dream."
Personally, I really like that song, but, then again, I'm not every body.
Okay, now, this song is called "Overcome", it's by David Nevue. I have no earthly idea who this guy is, but I had heard some of his music on another blog and really liked it, so I looked him up on Playlist and found some of his songs...I really like them, a lot of them are peaceful and relaxing, so here is one that I liked.
With this one, you don't have to go to the bottom of the Playlist, it's just the second song on there.
Tell me what you think.


P.S. My thoughts on Requiem for a Dream by X-Ray Dog:
1. This song is definitely NOT relaxing!:)
2. It is most certainly 'battle based', immediately putting battle images into your head.
3. The mix of drums, symbols and violin, I have found for the most part, always create a fast,
battle filled and dramatic piece of music...this song has a mixture of all and the result is a fast,
action filled piece. Unlike Crusaders, it has more 'battle' like music in it, and is not as mournful, but like Crusaders, is a very dramatic song....once again, my type! :) :P