What I Believe

     First of all, I am a born-again Christian. I believe whole-heartedly in every word of Scripture from beginning to end; everything from the Old to the New Testament. 
     I am a "Calvinist". (Trust me, if John Calvin knew that we called the teaching of the Bible after his name, he'd be turning over in his grave). He was the one that merely expounded it in one of the darkest times of our world. 
     I believe without fail in the Providence of God and the sovereignty of the Lord; He is the Author and Finisher of life.
     I believe in the Trinity, the Resurrection, and I am a post-millennialist. I am saved by Grace through Faith in Christ the Lord, and am not afraid, knowing that He is my God and will protect me, and whatever His will is, it's good for me, though I may not like it in my own sinful nature. I believe that all men are dead to Christ, and it is only Him who can make them alive. Without Him, we are nothing. I believe that it is God only who saves us. 
     I am pro-life; it is a gross sin to murder those in the womb. I believe that the family builds the church, and pray to have many children when I'm married. I don't think anyone should do anything to prevent childbearing in any way. No one should step in and say "hey, God, this is enough children, so I'm taking this step to prevent any more". God knows what He's doing, and He doesn't need your help. If he wants you to not have any more children, then he will use natural means to do so. 
     I believe in home education. I myself am homeschooled and plan to learn at home through college. I plan to homeschool my own children; the government does not have the right to take our children and teach them away from us.
     I believe that the Bible is our only authoritative Law, and sufficient for our every need (1 Timothy 3:16). I believe that the use of confessions and catechisms, such as the Heidelberg and Westminster (which is the one we use), for example, are perfectly fine, as they are based wholly on Scripture. The Bible still remains our authority.
    I'm not a racist by any means, and I believe that ALL men are equal under the sight of God. 
     I think acting in violence towards those we disagree with is wrong, but I do believe that we can--and should--speak to them kindly about their beliefs and lead them to Christ. They need help, and we must present the Gospel to them and pray for them; God says that His word will not return to Him void and will accomplish whatever He has sent it for.
     I believe that persecution is coming, and we should steel ourselves for it, with the Lord's help. Already, true Christians are despised, mocked and ridiculed. We must hold fast.
    This is a brief overview of my beliefs; if I've offended you in some way, that wasn't my intention, I'm simply stating what I hold to be true.
     I'm 19, love life, and am the kind of person that would go to catch dragons and journey with elves. I'm a prayer warrior, sister, daughter, and friend. I'm always ready to tell a story with painted words and love a rainy afternoon with a steaming cup of coffee and an open journal.
     Thank you for stopping by, and please visit again!
In His Name Alone, (and FIGHTING!)
-Hannah Leigh

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