Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Traveling North Carolinian......

Hi everyone!
I'm sorry for not having a very good post up in a while; it has been very....very....very....VERY busy lately. Anyway, tomorrow I and my family are leaving for Winston-Salem North Carolina for the Home School Conference down there. I am SO excited!!! Afterward, we'll be going to Wake Forest for Memorial Day at Scott Brown's farm. This will be our second year, and, once again, I'm very excited! I'll be gone for five days, and won't be able--more than likely--to publish comments and so on. But please still send them in! I'll probably be able to get on this evening and sometime tomorrow morning to post some and answer e-mails and so on. I'm going to TRY to set up an instant reply thingy, but then will reply to them in full when I get back. :) Please pray for traveling mercies, and I say adieu to all of my dear friends!!! <3

Lord willing, I'll "see" you all soon!

In Christ,
~The Traveling North Carolinian~

P.S. I've been on THAT road in the above picture! :D