Friday, December 18, 2009

The Trip and Creation Museum

those are wax figures, by the way. =D

Alright! Round one of picture insanity!
These are photos of the trip over, our hotel room view, and the Creation Museum. Also, I probably won't be back on until Christmas Eve. When I do get back on, I'll post some videos...I've got a lot! =D

In Christ,
~Miss Hannah

P.S. It's snowing!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What A Trip....

Alright...none of ya knew it, but I was gone to Ohio for a whole week!!!!!!
Oh goodness....what a good time. We went there for a conference put on by Vision Forum and NCFIC (National Center for Family Integrated Churches) called The Sufficiency of Scripture. IT WAS GREAT! Not only were the speeches amazing and very thought provoking, but I got to meet a few old friends and made some new, now very dear friends who actually live here in NC! *is excited* We also went to the Creation Museum that was made by Answers in Genesis, and mom and I went to a Korean restaurant in Cincinnati! (and let me tell you, was SPICY! You wouldn't think it...but oooh boy...we tried Kimchi, Korea's favorite dish....let me just say....have a gallon of milk close at hand!) And for those of you who don't know what Kimchi is, it's kinda a fermented cabbage. Sounds disgusting, but it was unique tasting...if you can get around the spicy side of it. =D I also got to try tofu, and it was pretty good. The only thing I ate that wasn't spicy was the rice. Everything else a fun sort of way...which makes no sense...but it's true. =D We sat on little mats at a low table and got to eat with I can say I've mastered that art. =D
The Creation Museum was AMAZING! I walked in and was so overwhelmed! It was breathtaking, to say the LEAST. We stayed at Embassy Suites and got a view of the Ohio River. Actually, we were IN Kentucky, but the address was Ohio and you could see the city right across the river. I got some great pictures...actually took 197 on the whole trip, and will be posting them in categories later on as soon as I get them downloaded. (Trust'll get pictured out!)

I will be posting pictures shortly, Lord willing, and I strongly advise that you look up Paul Washer. He was one of the speakers and not many speakers make me cry...which he did. Please look him up.

Also, we got to see The Mysterious Islands! Oh what a God-honoring movie! If you have not seen it...GET IT AND WATCH IT! It's a must, for sure. I got to get a poster and it was signed by the cast. Daddy also bought the soundtrack, which I haven't stopped listening to yet! Please watch that movie! You'll LOVE it!

In Christ,
~Miss Hannah Rose

A New Post Very Soon...

I've been very busy...but I'll get a good post up soon!

In Christ,
~Miss Rose