Thursday, August 9, 2012


"Trust in the Lord with ALL of your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding..."

One Year Anniversary of Cafe

      Hi everyone! I'm proud to announce that the 29th of July was exactly one year since the first chapter of Cafe was penned!
      My word count is currently at 97,722, chapter 17, page 173.
      And I know that's kinda sad to only have THAT LITTLE in a year's time, but that's just the pace I'm going at... I'm hoping to pick it up this year and get it going.
     My characters are steadily growing on me more and more, and I get a heart-sick feeling at the thought of having to wrap Cafe up one day; that moment where I write the last paragraph and say a final farewell to everyone... AUGH. It hurts to think about it. :S
    That's the way it is with nearly any book I've attempted thus far... the thought of saying goodbye really hurts...
    BUT, for now, I still have a long time left with them - the story is just getting good. >:) Thanks to the people who have been reading as I write and helping me with ideas, twists, details, and pointing me to a thesaurus - you guys are amazing!
    And the biggest thanks goes to Christ for giving me the idea and inspiration for a small little cafe, tucked away among the soaring sky scrapers and busy streets of a big, packed city...

Excerpt from Cafe, chapter 16...

       A scream suddenly rent the air as Justin started to say something, Jungsu taking off towards the back with Daehyun and the teenager close behind. He tore around the corner and into the alley, finding Erica standing near the entrance, hands clapsed over her mouth.
      "There's someone by the dumpster!" she gasped, voice high pitched as he grabbed her arm and pushed her behind him protectively, squinting into the darkness.                 
      Daehyun produced a gun from the back of his belt, the flickering, single alley light above them catching on the handle as he held it at arms length, moving towards the dumpster.
     "I think he's hurt," Erica said, voice hoarse with fright, a hand still drawn over her mouth. "I saw blood."
     Daehyun cautiously approached the still form; only his legs were visible from behind the huge bin, mud smeared over his soaked jeans. The Korean's eyes drifted from the limp body towards the wall, throat tightening at the blood spattered across it.
    They heard the gun cock, saw him sidestep slowly, carefully, towards the bend in the alley. Jungsu was still gripping Erica's wrist, and began to step backwards, moving her towards the door, bleached hair now damp and in his face from the freezing rain. 
    Justin swallowed, breath fogging as he exhaled silently, stepping back into the doorway, hand gripping the frame.
    Water droplets slipped from Daehyun's auburn hair, running down his face as his searching eyes scanned the ajoining alley. He let out the breath he had been holding, jaw clenching as he lowered the gun.
    "Someone get over here and help me with this guy," he finally called, voice echoing as he turned, jogging back towards the dumpster. "He's hurt pretty bad."
    Jungsu was first to get there, standing over Daehyun, who had knelt down to inspect him more closely.
    "He's practically frozen," the Korean breathed, feeling for a pulse. "Justin! Grab blankets, coats – anything you can get your hands on!"
    "There's some in the storage room," Erica whispered to the teenager. Justin nodded, stepping into the café. She looked back towards Daehyun, blinking back rain water.
    "How bad is it?" she asked quietly, stepping closer, peering at the man's shaded face. 
    Daehyun stuffed the gun into the back of his belt, reaching forward to gently turn the form over.
     "I don't know; there's plenty of blood, though."
     "Can we move him?" Jungsu asked. 
     Erica took in a breath when the stranger's head rolled towards the light, the shortage in the bulb flickering shadows across his features; blood streaked down his face from the side of his temple, black hair plastered to his forehead and covered most of one eye, making him look even more pale than he was. She reached forward, pushing the wet layers away, breath fogging as she brought her hand back, fingers red.