Thursday, June 28, 2012

Things to Do with that Special Someone (2)

          I thought a Summer edition would be fun to put together, so, here it is. ^_^ I had one earlier that was scheduled to go out, as is this one; you can view it here. 
          Since Summer is quite obviously here, I've been inspired to come up with little things to add to my list of things to do with the special person I get to spend the rest of my life with.
         Summer gives me a happy feeling, even though the heat can get tiring. (Hey, but what's ice cream and water fights for?! >.<) I *love* Summer. I really do. I'll complain about the heat and wish it were cooler and stay locked inside on really hot days, but once outside, I really have to just smile and enjoy it. Especially Summer nights - my absolute favorite.
         What's on your list to do?

1. Have a water fight! Get soaked and happy against the hot weather
2. Sing at the top of our lungs to a song over the radio
3. Eat ice cream in the dark
4. Play tag in the rain
5. Wear his clothes
6. Start a pillow fight with him
7. Lay outside one night and stargaze
8. Have lunch outside
9. Get in a mock fight at the pool and shove him in
10. Watch a scary movie with him (and him only... so I can hide behind him!)
11. Slip an ice cube down his shirt >.<
12. Go biking with him
13. Go to the zoo and hang out for however long we want (the last time I was at a zoo was like five years ago, or something to that effect, and I LIKE going to the zoo... I just... never go. --.--)
14. Go to the midnight premier of some movie
15. Watermelon. Enough said. (I have an obsession with it... sorry.)
16. Have a picnic with him somehwere
17. Leave a message on his phone for him to hear at work
18. Dance to a crazy song
19. Go to Baskin' Robbins and try a new flavor
20. Have him help me pick out a Summer dress

That's it for now. Hope I marry someone that likes to shop. ^_^ ... or at least shows some interest. Better than nothing. >.<
Saranghae! (I love you!)

- hannah

ANOTHER Sweet Tea Commercial...

Ahem. We made another one.
... and it's not that great. --.--
Oh well. Life will go on. ^_^ We kinda did it spur of the moment up on the parkway the other day, so, sorry about the bad plot. :P It's just for fun.

- hannah

P.S. Comments... Please.... leave.... COMMENTS. 0_o Let me know you're out there! *wails*


Life is good lately!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last 30 Days of Seventeen

         It's upon me.
         The last 30 days of seventeen have officially arrived today.
         Not quite sure what to think. A little nervous, for some reason; a little excited, too.
         In 10 days, I'll start journaling every day for the next 20 so I'll remember what I've been up to before I turn 18. I did that last year, so, it will be interesting to compare.
         I always get excited when my Birthday approaches; it simply gives me butterflies. It's always an adventure to me. And this year is especially special - my best, most dear, amazing friend is coming up to celebrate with me for the first time in THREE YEARS. (I've seen here since then, of course... it's just her being up here in that period of time.) I get to party it out with her! YAY!
        But, be that as it may... I'll still slip into a thoughtful period, starting today, about my life and becoming another year older. I don't mind at all becoming older - in fact, I enjoy it. To me, it's like opening the Wardrobe door in the first Narnia and entering a new world and stage in my life. That's the feeling I get. Seventeen has been... interesting. I'll be recapping and rereading the things I've written, trying to figure *myself* out.
      God has been very gracious to me, and, hopefully, (I probably shouldn't open my mouth! >.<), I'll live to see another year. I'm so excited, delighted, I won't deny it or fight it: this is just what I need.

     Another adventure.

- hannah

P.S. I found a quote that is *so* true about me (mom LOVED it!):

"I don't need to flirt. I will take you with my awkwardness."

AAAAAAHHHHHHHHSOTRUE! Okay... who here agrees with me? >.< It's bound to happen. The guy I marry will probably be *excellent* at being charming; I'll fall in love with him in no time. ... he'll fall in love with me when I FALL. --.--

Dear Journal...

          Dear Journal,

              You poor thing. You've heard far more about me than any person living has. You've been dropped on the floor, crammed into my bag, been made into more of a photo book than a writing space, been the victim of mad ink scribbles or sappy thoughts, and over all been terribly abused.
             ... I'm sorry.
To all 400 pages of you, please pardon my emotional rants.
             I took you to the parkway this evening to paste pictures from the Conference inside of you; yes, more sticky tape on your paper. I wrote in you and said funny things, and smiled a little at the stories you have to tell my husband and girls.
            I wish my mom had kept a journal; I'd love to read a little about her life at my age. You'll have quite a few things to say to mine, won't you?
            Thank you for being the outlet of my thoughts, emotional breakdowns, and overall craziness - you've held up under a lot; I suppose that's why your binding is coming loose. ^_^ Ah, but you'll be okay; you still have to get through this year, and I already have another that will take your place.
            And to my readers, here's what my journal would like to say to you:
If you don't, or if you're barely writing in it, sit down tonight and pick up a pen! You'll regret it when you can't remember anything about this year. It's important.
Write, people - WRITE!

- hannah

P.S ... I sometimes wonder if Jesus ever kept a journal. >.< Probably not, but the thought is funny. ^_^

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

FBC 2012

I decided to put this together, and figured you guys might want to see it. It's just a collection of some of the best pictures, and somewhat in order to tell a bit about what was going on throughout the day. Trust me... I'll take more next year! 0_0 (I almost didn't have enough for this one!! Which is why several of the same people re-appear. :P)

Enjoy! Please comment!
(I do not own the music, btw. ^_^)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Postie's Jig

Here's a video mom took of Postie's Jig last Friday at the dance. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

If I Owned a Cafe...

I'd *so* put this out front. ^_^

I Think I Miss You