Friday, May 15, 2009

My, My...Time Flies..............

From this..... this.... a matter of fourteen years........

In Christ,
~Miss Rose

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Another Story in the Life of a Southern Farm Girl....

It all started out on your typical Wednesday afternoon. Things were going well, with the slight rush of Bible study that evening and guests arriving in the matter of an hour or so. It was a very nice afternoon; the sun was shining and the wind was blowing, mingled in with the song of birds and the lazy hum of the early crickets. It was time for Nathan and I to feed, so we went down to the garage and were putting on our muddy boots. All was going well. We went up to the pasture and began the normal feeding routine. Red was at the gate, Silkie and Belle were frolicking outside, the goats were being as stupid as ever, and Nathan was mucking out the stalls. I went into the tack room and began scooping out feed for them. All was going well. I took the bowls out from the tack room and gave the goats theirs, then went into Red's/Silkie's stall, and gave them their food. Nathan gave Belle's hers. All was going good. About five minutes passed, and everything was taking it's normal routine. We knew we had to hurry, because everyone for Bible study would be arriving soon, and mom would need help setting everything up. They were about half way done, and I had my back to Red's and Silkie's stall, talking to Nathan.
I turned around to see what had happened, and Red
had backed into Silkie, kicking her in the stomach. She didn't really mind because it wasn't a very hard blow, so she continued eating. Sometimes, Red will do this. So I went over to him and pushed his rear end out of the way. "Get over, Red!" He moved, but then just stood there...which is NOT like him. He did not continue eating, but just...stood. Suddenly, his ears went back and his muscles tightened as he jerked his head high and started this awful wheezing noise....all was not going good. I figured what was happening: Red was choking. This had happened before on Bible study night. I yelled to Nathan to run as fast as he could back down to the house and get mom to call the vet. Meanwhile, I tried to keep the horses calm. Yeah, right. Red backed into Silkie, and from sheer panic of not being able to breathe, he pinned her against the wall and began to kick fiercely. I wasn't about to go in there, and Silkie bolted out and into Belle's stall, and in exchange kicked her out. Red stood there in the stall, jerking and coughing. When a horse coughs, their so big that it sounds like a huge rumble/wheeze sort of noise. It's really strange. I suddenly remembered that the last time he choked, the vet had told us to walk him until they could get there. I ran into the tack room and grabbed the nearest halter and lead line, and then ran back out. I cautiously approached my dear horse, who was now just standing there, head low and trying to breathe. I put the halter on and clipped the lead line onto it, gently tugging on it to get him to walk. Mom called the vet, and it would be about thirty minutes before they arrived. By now, dark, ash-gray clouds had formed and the wind had gotten cooler, picking up. I walked my poor baby for thirty minutes, not caring at the disgusting green fluid that poured out of his mouth and nostrils and got all over my arms, hands and jeans. After a while, he began to spit up blood with that. The lead line that I grasped in my hand was covered in the sticky, slimy stuff, but I didn't care. All I cared about was keeping my horse walking. I told dad that it's absolutely amazing how, if one of your animals is hurt, you don't care ONE BIT if you get COVERED in nasty stuff. I kept a rag in my pocket, wiping his mouth and nose at various intervals. He had a hard time breathing, and it came labored. He would stiffen up and let out huge coughs with a ton of greenish fluid, and would stumbled at times. I would stop and let him rest, petting his head and neck, and talking to him. I'd stop and kiss his head, just encase it may be the last time I do so. I walked and walked and walked, and finally, dad came up from preparing Bible study and said that he'd stay up there until the vet came. I kissed Red on the head one last time before heading down to the house, and then went my way.

Thankfully, he was alright. I checked on him several times during the evening, and one last time just as darkness was settling over the mountains. My baby is okay, and I'm very happy that he is. *glances at clock* in fact, it's about time for me to go feed! :)

Anyway, I just thought I'd post another story in the life of a Southern farm girl. :) I'm sorry if it was disgusting...but that's the way it goes! :D Here's some pictures in tribute to my dear horse Red.



In Christ,
~Miss Rose a.k.a. the Southern Farm Girl :)