Friday, December 6, 2013

Natural Beauty

     So, what is natural beauty? You see it advertised everywhere, but it's clear that these girls are wearing a nude colored foundation and are far from "natural". Natural includes pimples, freckles, dark circles, and a number of other blemishes. The question is, though, are these really blemishes?
     I'm not saying that makeup is a bad thing at all; I use plenty of it myself, but the cold Winter air has dried my skin out and I've been "forced", so to speak, to go makeupless for a while to let my skin heal, and use some natural remedies to help in that process.
     There are really only seven things that you need to remember to do:
     1: let your face breathe. Don't smother it with foundation and powders, even when you do wear makeup. Use as little as possible.
     2: don't touch your face during the day, and before washing it at night, always wash your hands first. There's a lot of dirt and bacteria on our hands that gets transferred to our faces, so don't touch!
     3: wash your face every night, preferably with a natural soap (soaps that have tea tree or peppermint are excellent); keep it clean.
     4: honey and lemon juice are /amazing/. Mix about a tablespoon of honey with a moderate amount of fresh lemon juice, then spread it over your face and let sit for five minutes or so; rinse off with warm water. It works wonders.
     5: if you have any essential oils on hand, use them. Tea tree oil is great for dabbing a tiny bit on pimples, and if you've never tried emu oil, I suggest you do. It keeps the skin soft and works to clear it up.

au naturale! (with freckles, too!)

      6: never just wash your face and leave it to dry out; warm water and soap usually will do this, unless you have oily skin. Use a natural lotion, NOT a commercial one. Coconut oil is also excellent (as is emu oil).
      7: and lastly, be sure you eat healthy and detox your body on a fairly regular basis. Lemon water is a very simple way to do this.

     God gave us the skin we're in, so let's take care of it!!! 

Life in Pictures


     Last week, I went to GA to celebrate my Grandma's 80th birthday and Thanksgiving. We had a good time, and I especially enjoyed spending time with my little second cousin, Cameron. It was cold and snow flurries fell from grey skies, but the trip as a whole was pretty enjoyable.
     I can't believe that it's already the 6 of December. Where's my life going??? It's already time for Christmas music, colorful lights, hot chocolate and a Christmas tree...
     I'm not quite sure how to take this all in.