Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Of Hot Choclatey Nights and Panda Shirts

Concert Time!

     So, believe it or not, mom and I went to a Herman's Hermits concert Saturday night. Mom had bought tickets to see her teenage heart-throb group quite a while back, so I decided to go with her and see what it was like for myself.
     We had a GREAT time, and my mom was ecstatic - she's wanted to see this guy (Peter Noone) for a very long time, and she finally got the chance to. We didn't get home until 11:40 or so that night, but the whole thing was so much fun; I knew a few of his songs, so it wasn't like it was completely foreign to me.
     To get better pictures, I left my seat and went down to the front of the stage; it was a great spot, and the concert was small-ish, so I didn't get kicked out for being so close to the stage.
     There was a signing right after the concert was over so mom got her program book autographed, and since I didn't have any paper... "just sign my hand," I smiled as he shook it. "I don't have any paper!" He laughed and says in his proper British accent, "Hey, you were the girl down there taking all the pictures!" 
     Enjoy the pictures (that he caught me taking), and there's a couple of videos at the end :)

- The Writer