Friday, May 27, 2011

Stormy Skies

Last night we had a HUGE thunderstorm! It was rather.... intimidating.
Lightening was striking so close, a thunder clap immediately followed and flashed red. It hailed, and poured, and the wind roared.
Thrilling, yet still scary, at the same time. I went to bed at 11:30 and left my window down so I could hear it all.

I have something random to say...
My Big Boy has absolutely GORGEOUS hair! It's so soft, and it stays perfectly wavy and clean. It's always beautiful. I went up there to the barn yesterday evening to feed, and while he was standing there, I brushed his mane out so smooth that the comb just ran right through it. Ah...bliss. I'm so happy just standing there with my Boy and brushing his hair, listening to all of the sounds of the barn. I loved it. Bliss.
I did the same to his tail, and he was just picture perfect. His winter coat is almost gone, and all that remains is silk black. There's strands of fiery red in his mane, too! He is so, so beautiful. My Big Boy...I can't believe that he'll already be a year old on the 29th!
My Max... I think he's going to be the best horse yet. He's so calm, but still has a proud streak, and a boastful tone. He's the baby of the family. Sometimes I call him "maknae", which means just that. I love my Boy. ^.^

Now that I've said that...
I'm changing the theme of my blog to "Dancing in the Rain" - I'm waiting for the blog title from my best friend, who will create it for me, like she did the "Deja Vu All Over Again" one. No, it won't be dreary and gray... I'm just really attached to the "dancing in the rain" thought right now. :) So - blog construction under way! I'll try to get along with it.
I'll be gone for a few days this coming week, so if I don't publish your comments, that's why. =)
It'll just be for a day or so - and I'll tell you all about it when I get back!

God is so good. I love His art.

- Hannah

p.s. The image above I gimped from three images that a friend gave me permission for - photo credit on the bottom, as well as on my "GIMPED Creations" page.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Beautiful Night

God gave me a gift last night. It was packaged so beautifully.
The day had been totally gorgeous. The sun was bright, the weather was perfect. The wind had been blowing gustily all day.
Last night, I slept deeply. My window was down, I could hear the wind pushing through the leafy trees.
Something startled me out of my sleep. Whether it was a dream, the wind, or some whisper in my ear, I don't know. My eyes came open, I lay still. There was nothing there. The room was dark, and the only noise was the wind. I rolled over, and the first thing I looked down on from my loft bed was the curtains. They were billowing into the room, and the digital numbers on the clock glowed red, 3:00 AM.
Something made me get up. It's like the wind was talking. I climbed out of bed, standing in the middle of the dark room. What was different? I stood, looked, wondering. Finally, my gaze fell on the end table by my chair under the bed - the vase of roses I had - one stem was out, and all of the petals were scattered across the floor. There was something amazing about this moment, and I don't know what. I looked back at the curtains. Still white, billowing into the room - it was almost out of a movie.
I looked out my door, and noticed that something else was wrong. The door to the closet beside my bedroom entrance was wide has been shut when I went to bed. I walked over to it in the dark, closing it shut quietly. The night light from the bathroom shown into the den. The curtains in there were billowing over the furniture. Papers were scattered across the floor. The breeze filled the room. There was something amazing.
I walked quietly through the house, the floor creaking. Everything seemed fine...but it didn't feel like it. There was this welling feeling in my heart. The kind you get when a moment is out of a movie, out of a song, out of a book. I walked back into the den, collapsing on the couch and looking out the window. The curtains billowed around me as I sat there, looking up at the skies. The stars were so bright. The wind flowed into the room. I gazed up at them, talking quietly to myself.
"Tonight...such a, beautiful night. Happiness, sadness, tears - skies, stars, all in, my heaven."
I watched for a moment more, the twinkling gems so high in the sky, prayed silently, and with a final, quiet sigh, turned away.


A tear ran down my face.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Yes, I'm thoughtful...again. ^.^
I moved my couch out from under my bed, and put a rocking chair under it - I love it! It's so pretttty! My little heaven. I love it.
I've been spending a lot of time in my room lately. I love my room. I draw, I sing, I dance, I imagine. ...I dream.
It's like my own little house. I love to keep it clean, tidy, and organized.

I was sitting in my chair earlier today, looking out the open window, hearing distant thunder, watching the curtains billow, and, well...thinking. (Imagine that....)
I'm happy for who I am. Sometimes I hate myself, and other times - I'm so happy for who God made me to be. My quirks, my insanities. My love of life. Here's one thing about me that a lot of people don't understand: when I love, I go all in. When I love someone, it's with all of me. That's why I'm usually a pretty hyper person. I'm always around people I love - even if I call them - and I'm that way because, well...I'm all in.
I love God. I'm all in.
I love my family. I'm all in.
I love life. I'm all in.
I love my friends. I'm all in.
I love praying. I'm all in.
I love Japan and Korea. I'm all in.
I love drawing. I'm all in.
I love storms. I'm all in.
I love dreams. I'm all in.

I'm all in on so many things. And I'm a happy girl. A lot of people misunderstand me because they don't quite get my huge heart. ...that's okay, I suppose. I get frustrated when they don't, and think later, "Why can't everyone just have a big heart like me!?" Well, if everyone were like me...the world would be a pretty boring place.
I'm happy because I'm me. I'm me no matter what anyone says. I'm the way God made me. My heart will always be huge - even if it does get cracks in it. I. Am. Me.
I'm silly, I'm ditsy, I'm hyper, I'm dramatic - I'm a 16 year old girl with huge dreams - HUGE dreams! Massive dreams that I think will come true! I'm an emotional train wreck at times - but hey! That's me! My name is Hannah Leigh - AND I AM ME!
I love life! I love God! I love my family! I love my best friend! I LOVE!
I'm me!
 Happiness, sadness, tears...
Skies, stars...
All in, my heaven.

Always Fighting,

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Author

Photo Credit: Off of Google Images - credits go to the photographer
Every day is a page in the Book of Life.
Every moment is another scene described. The ultimate story.
Everything is the very description of emotion that no movie could ever capture.
The perfect bliss, morbid essence of horror, the most disastrous tragedy...the most hurtful tears. ...The best drama ever written.
That's what life is. Every second, a letter. Every moment, a sentence. Every hour, a scene. Every day... a page.  Every life - a book.
Some pages are torn and wrinkled. Others are the most crisp, clean space ever imagined. Some are straight, but have ink blotches all over them. And still others are written with such vigor and emotion that they can barely be read for the stains and scribbles. Then there's the ones that are sincere, neat, straight. Those with little emotion are always present. Yet, those with happy excitement flourish as well.
Each day is a page - each life is a book.
The Author knows how to write - and at the end of the day, we can go back through the continuous book and read the chapter. It may make us cry - it may make us laugh...but we're not the Author. We respond to what He's written.
Drama, comedy, horror, suspense, romance... it's all there.

Each day is a page - each book is a life. 
How will yours unfold?

Always Fighting,

Comments Away!

Well, I decided to give turning my comments back on a try. (It gets kinda dull when I can't get feedback!) So - here we go again. Let's see how this works.
Please feel free to leave me a thought, and I'll get around to publishing it when I have time.
If you don't have a Google account, please don't publish as "anonymous", or if you do, put your name at the bottom so I'll know who you are.
Hope you guys have a great day! Can't wait to hear from you all!

Always Fighting,