Saturday, August 22, 2009


Goodgrief! I haven't posted in a while....*sheepish grin* Sorry! It's been really busy around, housework etc.
I'm really...REALLY sorry about that. Earwen's dad is home and well, and things are going smooth. And just to let you all know, their computer won't let them get on the Internet; so, that's the reason she hasn't been on lately. (And boy did I find that out...I didn't realize until yesterday that the bulk of my e-mails came from her!:)
Nothing much out of the ordinary has happened lately...just the regular swing of things. I just haven't thought of anything to do with blogging...which is why it's sort of...dead? =D

And, to kill it even more...I've gotta go. Breakfast awaits. =D

Love ya all!

In Christ,
~Miss Rose