Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dancing in the Rain

Woot! It's RAAAINIIIING! (And do I mean RAINING!) Sheets of rain are coming down! It's 10:50 in the morning and it looks like it's about 8:00 at night! It's dark! The wind is howling!
Last night, it was sooo cool - I was sitting in my bed with my little lamp on, reading through my journal, and listening to the wind POUNDING the side of the house. Ah! It was amazing! I really, really enjoyed it!
Mom just hollered from the kitchen, "It's NASTY!"
Yes, it is, but I love it. ^.^

I've been sketching a lot lately - last night, while we watched an old movie called "Attack", I grabbed my book and sketched my old time ninja friend, "Snake Eyes". (He's very important to me, you know...)
It turned out very well, if I do say so myself!

Today I believe I shall sketch some more, read, play thunder-centered themes on my keyboard, and putter about my room. I love my room! It's like my own little house that I'm in charge of. And, to my d-lite, I'll be hearing from my best friend this afternoon, and another dear one from far away!

This morning, Nathan and I went to take care of the horses in this horrifically wonderful storm, and after we were done with that, we danced in the rain. (Well, at least I did...Nathan SPLASHED in the rain...) It was sooo fun! Especially since I had that dream the other night where I really DID get to dance in the rain! It was GREAT! God is so good - Life is good! I'm haaaappppyyy!!!!! *bounce bounce*

Well, I'm off. I'm gonna grab me some coffee, since I was NOT a coffee prince this morning in getting it first thing, and then I'm going to go in my room and adore the rain.

Tootle pip, chaps!
Always Fighting,

Friday, April 15, 2011

My Friend

Friends are awesome. I mean - REALLY. Have you ever thought about it? 
I have so many types of friends. One is my absolute Best, and we do everything. Another, like this girl up here, I don't get to see often, just like my Best, but we have stayed close, even after all this time! We talk about horses, amazing music, how it's awesome to capture the "paintings by God" in our pictures. Others are just general chatting - yet others, I am blessed to be a light to. The girls that I know that are hurting and need help. That I can pray with them and read Psalms with them for almost an hour and a half on the phone, because we're so far away! 
I love, LOVE my friends. Another of my friends told me, as we were discussing "Best Friends", is that even though you only have ONE, TRUE "Best Friend", you have a ton of other friends - and just because you have a "Best Friend" doesn't mean you dislike the others. You have a certain amount of love for ALL of your friends - you may have a greater amount for one over the other, but that in no way means that you don't love that person! 

Friends are amazing. True friends are the song in your heart. 

To all of my friends - I! LOVE! YOU! 
(And the picture credit goes to my sweet little friend who took it!)

Always Fighting,
 Here's a funny video of me and my friend doing double sit ups. It was actually pretty funny!

Faith Like a Child

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Life is Good

Yes, it is. ^.^
This is a new sketch I just did yesterday - you can see all of my sketches, including another new one, under the "My Sketches" page. 

Today I did some super "tidy upping" in my room today. I moved things around, and just enjoyed myself while I listened to my "Epic" CD, and then once I got tired of that, I listened to some of my others that including "Lacrimosa", "Rising Empire", and "Siren's Call" - some of my favorite orchestra/vocal pieces of music.  =)

Anyway, I just thought you'd like to see that sketch up there - I had fun doing it! 

Always Fighting,

Monday, April 11, 2011

My Girl

Yeah, these are my girls.
I decided to post some of my chicks - only a few are actually MINE, they are. ^.^
Sadly enough, Jenna and Jang have ceased to exist...*sniff*...but my others are alive and healthy!

 V.I. - The world's greatest computer editing software!
Day - the happy chick!
Tempo! (trust me - she's one fast chick!)
 Solar! The sun bather!
 Captain G! The egg master!
 Yuki! The timid one!
 Yui! The brat!
Kep and Dex - The inseparable!

And Stunt's around here somewhere...but at the moment, she's MIA. ^.^ 

Ah...*happy sigh*...I love my girls...