Saturday, April 30, 2011

Steve McQueen

Yes, this is our Steve McQueen.
Why that name? Well...he's our Escape Artist Extraordinaire.
My Best Friend got a kick out of it because Steve McQueen is one of her favorites - so - maybe these pictures will make her smile. ^.^
When this puppy sleeps - he SLEEPS. I have NEVER seen a dog so relaxed! Here's a few pictures, and a video at the end.

I love my puppy!

Always Fighting,

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Something I made...

I love GIMP. ^.^
I made this for me and all of my friends - hope you like it! I loooove this font! *bounce*
Anyway - not much going on. It's been raining here for the past few days, so it's getting a little gray....mood wise. >.<
My Best Friend's birthday was yesterday, so I was happy about that - Happy Birthday, sis!
I get to see her REALLY soon, so I am extraordinarily EXCITED about that! (We are going to have a blast!)
So - girl's time out consisting of giggling, hopefully a peppermint mocha, if we can locate and attack a StarBucks, and BOOKS - lots of books! (Book fairs are the BEST!) Sooo...that's what I'm hyped up about. ^.^ I told her that I was going to make her suffer by ordering a shot of espresso in my mocha... >:)
Okay, not really.... =D And naturally, I'm looking forward to riding aalll the way down there with my mom. It's fun to go places with her. Hey - we might even go to StarBucks on the way! WOOHOO!

Life is good!

Always Fighting,


Lord, I pray for whoever saw that sunset. I pray for them. I beg you for them. 
Whoever saw that, Father - give them hope in a dark world. Keep the lights from blinding them - protect their ears from the sounds. 
They need You, Lord - like so many. So many need You. Oh my Your people. Show them the way. Never let them go. I know Your promise that You will lose none, and whoever the Father has given You, You will never cast out. 
So many are lost, Lord. It hurts my heart so bad. It makes me cry. There's so much turmoil, so much pain. Nations are starving, people are killing each other, horrible things happen. I know You know this - but it hurts. It hurts so bad sometimes. 
Father, I ask on behalf of so many people, I beg on their behalf, with all of my full heart, that You wouldn't let their last breath escape without bringing them into Your arms. I know, I KNOW, that you will save those You have called. 
I see people driving down the road and pray for them because they don't know where they're heading, and I don't mean map wise. I mean soul wise. It hurts. 

God, please heal. Please hear. Please, please help.  

In Your Name forever, amen.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011


I'm happy.

I'm happy because it's cloudy and windy. Because rain is coming.
I'm happy because I'll see my Best Friend soon. Because it's her birthday.
I'm happy because of the music I'm listening to. Because it's piano and it's beautiful.
I'm happy because I got up on time today. Because I did my workout.
I'm happy because life is good. Because Spring is here.
I'm happy because of my drawing. Because it's pretty.
I'm happy because of coffee. Because it's caramel macchiato.
I'm happy because I just heard thunder. Because it's awesome.

I'm happy.