Wednesday, August 3, 2011

But In Dreams

Photo from Owl City Blog
Think about dreams.
I found this picture on the Owl City blog, and it started a train of thoughts.
I think dreams are tightly tied to reality, whether we realize it or not. Sometimes they can be so crazy, we don't wanna know where those came from! But, think about it... sometimes they're so real, we must know where they came from, or we think we'll go crazy!
God created dreams for a reason. As soon as the lights go out, and we slip into the dark realm of sleep, there's things we see, things we hear, feel. They're there for a reason. I don't know what that reason is. But God is a God of order - and He doesn't create things that have no meaning and purpose.
I hear real voices, I see people I love, I get to be with them and laugh with them, and then I wake up. I come back. I tell my journal, "Guess who I went to see last night?"
Sometimes, even though it was a happy dream, both with people I know, people I don't, and people I still have yet to meet, I'm often sad, because... it was just a dream.
Then I have to remember that the God that made the stars also, can do anything. Maybe it wasn't a dream. Maybe it was a glimpse into what will happen.
Does it sound crazy? Yeah... but hey...
I Dream. 

He created dreams for a reason - and I'm going to forever believe that.

"It's just - was it a dream? What should I do? 
I don't know why - never thought I'd be dreaming of you." 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Evening Prayer

Photo from Google Images
Father, I thank you for this wonderful day.
I got a lot of things done, and it was very nice to talk to You.
Thank you for my friends, my family, that I'm loved, even though I'm a little crazy. (Okay, well, REALLY crazy!:)
You are SO good to me, Father! I don't deserve You, your mercy.
Thank you that you made me who I am - and, oh Lord - use me. Use even me. Someone so undeserving.
I want you to be glorified in everything I do. I want you to have the glory.

Please help me to shine with Your light. May people look at me and see you!
You're might and your power are so... humbling.
I was up petting my horses earlier, and quoting Job about the horses as I watched my own, her strong neck stretching with muscle.

May you be praised, Father. Teach me your word.
In your most awesome, amazing name,