Friday, August 20, 2010


And this is what happens when I try tossing a knife and catching it.... lands in my wrist band....

The Flower That Never Falls!

...See if ya can figure that one out. No trickery here, people!

Lemon's Home!

We brought him home yesterday. :) He's doing well, but we're still having to give him pills and stuff. He's eating, and we're surprised at how much weight he's lost. :( Anyway, thanks for the prayers! He's doing well, and we hope he gets better. :)

Thanks again!

Posing With Sis

Yeah...we decided to take some crazy pictures! Rebekah was wearing her tobogan thingy around the house, and we started snapping photos. :)
Love Ya, Sis!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The EASY Way to Carry a Cat!

Nathan took this this morning when we went to the vet; we also to Shina to get her shots.

Oh, and a note on Shina's name: I've been informed that it sounds like the "i" is long. Nope! It's pronounced "Sheena". It's a Japanese name, people! =D

Update on Lemon

Well, we went to the vet to see the old guy, and he looked a lot better than we expected. He was very excited to see us, and kept "hugging" me and Nathan. (He does that when we hold him.) Hopefully, we'll be able to bring him home tomorrow. He's still not better, though. At least, if we bring him home, he can die here. We don't want him dieing at the vet.
I hope he gets better very soon. He's constantly referred to as "the old man"...I want the old man back. :)
Here's some pictures and a video we took when we went to see him.

Pray for Lemon

Our cat Lemon is very sick. He's been so for the past few days, especially. We took him to the vet last week because we noticed that he was getting really skinny and wasn't eating. He's pretty old, so I'm not very hopeful as to how all of this will work out. Apparently, he has some sort of blood parasite, and they've been treating him for it, but he hasn't improved for the past three days. We're going to go see him here in a few minutes...and we might be telling him goodbye for the last time. Please pray for my dear cat.

Monday, August 16, 2010

An Interest in A Tree

We went to a picnic the other day, and this tree was planted near the sidewalk. Mom called me over to it and pointed out the sign underneath:
Korean Sweetheart Tree
CUTE! I really liked it, and the buds on it were very interesting. I enjoyed photographing it, and then I found another tree that sadly, I couldn't get a picture of before my camera battery died. :( Anyway, the tag said Dawn Redwood. It was really neat! It was sort of a pinetree, (kinda,) but the branches were all droopy, kind of like a willow. A forest of those would be so pretty! Anyway, here's the photos of the tree: