Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Father Daughter Retreat 2010!

Yes, I'm back! I'm so sorry I haven't been on; I was off the computer for a while, and didn't have time to give you notification! AH! Sorry. Anyway, dad and I just got back from the Father~Daughter Retreat Monday, and I took a ton of pictures! I've only downloaded mine, so there will be more to come when dad downloads his! The teaching was EXCELLENT! I can't even begin to tell you. It was wonderful and very inspiring. I also got to speak with Mr. Phillips, Mr. Morecraft, Scott Brown, Mr. Botkin and his wonderful daughters, Elizabeth and Anna Sofia, all of which recognized me! I'm going to put the basic pictures up here, but be sure and check out my Photography Blog, as I will be posting others there. I got to see some of my dearest friends, and met some new ones. The food was great, as always, and although it was a little cool, we got to go bike riding and enjoy Callaway Gardens! Oh what fun! I always love the Father~Daughter Retreat. Mr. Phillips brought Virginia along this year, and she's ADORABLE! I took the cutest video of her singing "Turkey in the Straw", one of her favorite songs. She was the star of the show, and attracted a crowd of girls with flashing cameras. :) (Including me, naturally!) The ride was very long, but dad and I had a great time. We also got put in one of the villas there at Callaway. It was SO nice! It had a fireplace and everything else. So wonderful. The High Tea was amazing, and I got to wear my white dress! And, as you're looking at these pictures, you'll see my new haircut. :) I love it. :) Anyway, we had a supercalafradgalisticexpealladocious time, and I hope to go back next year! It was GREAT! AHHH!

...yes. Also, I've decided to take down my followers gadget and comments. The reason? It's prompted me to think, "Oh, look, 88 followers and 20-some comments on this post! They must really like my blog." So. That be the reason. :) But, however, you CAN still follow by clicking the "follow" button on the tool bar up top. You just won't be able to comment. Trust me, it has NOTHING to do with any of you...just me. :) If you do want to contact me, you can just send me an e-mail. :) Love you all!
Here's most of the pictures; I'm going in no particular order, so, that's why they're all scrambled. :)
In Christ,

Entrance to the lobby.

The lobby.

Last night: dad posing for a picture. :)

"Ah, feel the breeze!"

My dress! I love it!

Standing with the great: myself and Elizabeth Botkin.

Doug Phillips

Myself and two good friends, Breezy and Emily.

Friends forever! L to R: Cassie, Genesis, myself, Kara and Sydney.

Double Trouble! My favorite twins, Genesis and Sydney.

Friend of four years, Cassie.

Myself and good friend Kara.

Myself and a tired but very rambunctious Virginia Phillips.


Me again.

A lake we rode by on our bikes.


Daddy and I.



Ready for a ride.

Modeling my dress.

New friends! L to R: Bethany, Jasmine, myself and Dionne.

Tea time!

At the High Tea.

Daddy and I again. This is my favorite photo!

Myself and good friend of four years, Rebekah.

Myself and Cassie.

Standing with the great: Myself and Joseph Morecraft.

Picnic on the lawn.

Yes, another picture, daddy!

Myself and Cassie...again. :)

Myself and Rebekah at the unity games.

The unity games! Yay!

Picturesque moment at the chapel.

Stain glass window.

Quick photo...think fast!

The Chapel.

Taking pictures.

Another lake.

Ah, another picturesque moment!

On the rocks.

Again, on the rocks.

Water and trees.

Bike trail.



The restaurant.
Me at our villa. More pictures and videos to come!
In the first video, Doug Phillips and Scott Brown went up against each other in the three legged race. The second video is one of us going home. :) And in the last video is Virginia Hope Phillips singing "Turkey in the Straw". =D