Thursday, November 17, 2011

2 Years Ago Today

Yes, two years ago at around this time, 9:23 AM, I was cold and wet, sitting with my hurting horse in the woods, wishing him to get well. Sadly, he died only a little while later. He was 28 years old, and had some sort of stroke the night before; he couldn't walk right. He'd fallen during the early morning sometime down a slippery hill, and was trapped in a big hole, straddling a log. My poor baby. We called as many people as we knew on that rainy, misty morning, just like it is this morning, and tried so hard to get him to stand. He tried, too, but couldn't. So... *sigh* We put him down. My poor baby. I miss him. He was the sweetest thing ever. Good old Red...
If you'd like to see the tribute my dear friend did for him, you can go here.
We love you, Red! Always!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


They... won't.... LEAVE!
Over and over and over again...
the voices.... 

Viktor refuses to leave me alone. He won't go. Neither will Justin. Pounding, pounding, pounding my head with ideas. (It *especially* hurts when Viktor does - considering that hard silver ring on his middle finger that he enjoys popping me with when he comes up with some other sob story to tell...)
My characters.
Love them... hate them. Cry for them. Laugh with them. Shove them. Hug them.
.... my *head*.

Let me assure you people, who are raising eyebrows at me, wondering if I'm truly sane: I am. Promise. (Well, maybe a *liiittle* crazy...) Like the pin badge I saw the other day:
"Well, even if the voices *aren't* real, the sure have some great ideas."

Another reason for this ranting post: my Best Friend is going to kill Ethan. --.-- Okay - let me back up. She's writing a story. She has a character in there named Ethan. He's a bad guy. He's an assassin. How-EVER... she had plans to reform him. And for some out of this world reason that I'll never understand... she's going to kill him.
She knows well just how much I'd adore seeing Ethan reformed - (I EVEN CAME UP WITH THE STINKIN' NAME!!!) - and she's *killing* him???
It can't be happening.
Alright, Mirriam - I'm warning you - that image up there is what Justin's gonna do for the rest of his life if you kill Ethan, and this image down here is what *I'M* gonna do!!

There... *sniff*
I've had my rant. ^.^


Monday, November 14, 2011

November Night

silence all around me.
The night air is cold as I stand quietly,
gazing up at the dark skies, tinted the color of November;
royal blue, the bare branches veins of spilled ink,
seeping into the black darkness.
A pure white moon rises; crisp stars shine bright.
I wrap my North Face coat tighter around me,
gazing heavenward, this cold, empty November night.
Empty, yes so full; the light of a plane, high in the sky.
I watch it, I wonder, "Where? Why?"
The silence is so deep, like this lingering thought, knowing you're there.
A whisper of wind begins to sigh, dead leaves rustle across the ground.
Is it my heart? What is this sad, lonely sound?
A Dragon; I see it in my mind's eye.
So fierce and brave... but I hear his cry.
What is this, Victory? You should not be proud. So young, so tender... stop! Stop following this surreal crowd!
Smile for me; I'm beginning to think it's starting to be genuine and true.
Don't follow suite; angel, be you.
Writer, close your tired eyes. Set aside your pen;
it will be there tomorrow; this chaos, all over again.
Go to sleep, try to rest.
You work so hard, doing your best.
Tomorrow, it will be the same; again, again you'll write for fame.
The sun is shining bright; today, the world will bring you another plight.
What will you do when your time comes, to stand, to say
What's right, and what's wrong?
So I stand here in the dark, so I whisper another prayer.
The glowing moon is shining bright,
the ink -it has spilled tonight...
with a sigh, one last glance, the quiet, soft voice:

Take Me There

I'm Determined....

To *write* today!

Book: Cafe
Date Started: August 28, 2011
Page Count: 77
Text Size: 12
Text Style: DejaVu Sans Condensed
Chapter: 8
Main Characters In: Erica, Jungsu, Daehyun, Adriana
Main Characters to Go: Viktor, Youngbae, Justin, Xaiver Black
To be Added: (... that's a surprise...)
General Weather: Cold, Autumn, Snowy
Characters Wounded/Hurt: (THAT'S a surprise, too!)
Word Count Thus Far: 41,642

I *love* writing! It's the absolute best thing - it must be! To all you writing chaps and chapesses - keep it up! I'm not doing NaNoWriMo - so I can't quiet imagine the stress on you - but, keep it up anyway! =D
Write! Write away! Keep writing!
Alright, down to business...

I'm leavin', and I ain't nevah comin' back!

*hits publish*
*pops finger joints*
*takes a drink of water*
*...and WRITES.*