Thursday, October 21, 2010

...There's a Cat on My Back

This is what happens when I hold Shina...she crawls down my back and...makes herself at home! The most mischievous cat on earth, top of the world, according to her, and she makes me her throne. Lovely.
 ...and your point is?

No, I Did Not Leave....

I'm just being lazy! I've tracked this for a while now...every October, around this time, I don't post as much. I have no idea why. :I
Anyway, it's VERY windy here today! Leaves are flying EVERYWHERE like rain and it's c-c-c-c-cold! The farrier is coming fairly soon, so this morning, I put on a pair of my old jeans. To my delight, I found that they were so loose I had to wear a belt! YAY! =D Mom goes, "honey, I think we need to get you some new jeans..." I'm going, "Hey, I like wearing these loose reminds me that I AM loosing weight!" But, back to the topic of farrier, I'll be up there at the barn with the horses for a while this morning. I love my horses. They're such AMAZING creatures! The Lord nailed it when He spoke of horses in Job 39:19-20. They've always been my favorite. When I was little, we lived in GA, and I really wanted a horse so bad. Of course, we didn't have enough land. I thought I'd never have a I have THREE! babies. Max is growing like crazy. Belle and Silkie are growing their winter coats fast.
Shina and Jinx are sitting out on the front porch, and Nathan just went to retrieve the little whiner. That crazy cat doesn't meow...she WHINES. It's this pitiful little drawn out noise that makes you think she's dying. ;P She's so cute, though! She's such a little furball. :)
....excuse me, I'm going to go get my Pepsi that my brother just brought me....
Okay, I'm back. :) Now I'm going to ramble. You know something I hate? I hate it when my brother can be so funny sometimes, and make me laugh so hard, and when I say something funny, he just kinda goes, "Hm." What is it with that??? 0.0 You try hard to come up with a joke, and no body laughs. *growls* Oh well...thus is life. I know someone else who has that problem....<.<
Anyway. Yes, I'm rambling. Sorry.

Hey, mom just read me a funny quote, author unknown:
"Housework is something you do that nobody notices until you don't do it."

Boy, isn't that the truth!? 0.0 =D


P.S. Here's my name in Korean:                               =D

Monday, October 18, 2010

Need a Laugh?

.....I do......

Of Top-Knots and Keyboards

Okay, a strange combination, I'll grant you! The other night, I got adventurous and decided to do my hair in a top-knot. Completely goofy, but cute! Mom and Nathan love it. ;P :) (I'm actually wearing one now!) I've decided that this is my new style...for a while. And I'm NOT wearing it out anywhere as of yet! 0.0
Since I'm just sure you couldn't stand not to see it, I took pictures. =) Yes, you may freak out, now:
Alright.  And as to the keyboard aspect of it, I've been making up and modifying a whole lot more! I love that keyboard. :) Just wait till I hopefully get a really good one for Christmas! WOOHOO! The thing even teaches you how to play. 0.0

Anyway, here's a couple of more videos I took of my playing. The first one is a tribute of called FireFront, and the second is one called China Dolls that I'm still working on. =) Oh, and as a p.s. to those of you who told me how good my playing was, though I don't know how, thank you! You guys are such an encouragement!