Saturday, January 9, 2010

Computer Break

Alright...I shall be taking a computer break starting Monday and possibly going into ya won't hear hide nor hair of me. =D
Just thought I'd give you a heads-up and let you know, so if you don't get your comments/e-mails answered...that's why. :)

I shall return, though! Neveh fear! =D

Love you all!
In Christ,

Friday, January 8, 2010

Screening for the Mysterious Islands at the Sufficiency of Scripture Conference

These pictures were taken after the showing for the Mysterious Islands movie. There were some hilarious stories of their adventure told, and many good laughs throughout.

And then, there was a poster signing...I got mine SIGNED! And, might I add, it's taped up to my closet door where I can see it. =D
My poster......................^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

and last of all, here's the beginning of The Mysterious Islands. If you haven't seen it...maybe this'll get you interested. :)

Friends From the Sufficiency of Scripture Conference in Ohio

This is a picture of myself and Emily Rose, a dear friend from the Father~Daughter Retreat.Friends from the Father~Daughter Retreat.

Myself and Jubilee Phillips...can you tell I didn't get hardly enough sleep in these two pictures??? I think we got to bed at around midnight!

Myself and Liberty Phillips.
And this one is of myself, Doug Phillips and Joshua Phillips. It was GREAT to see Mr. Phillips again, and I was happy that we found a few minutes to talk!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Added Blog Links

Alright, so I decided to put a blog link on my sidebar. I just put down the ones that were on the top of my head, and I'd love to put all of my followers down...but that would be almost 82 links! =D
Also, I've linked to a website called CuteOverload. It's got some ADORABLE pictures of all kinds of animals, but I advise that you look at it with your parents, because there can be some improper pictures/captions...other than that, it's a really cute site!
Just thought I'd give you a heads up. =D

In Christ,

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Riverside Korean Restaurant

This is the restaurant mom and I went to while in Ohio...boy was it goooood!!! (and yet horrifically SPICY!) yikes...and I thought the chili I make was hot...goodness.
Anyway, it was GREAT fun! The second picture is what I ordered...and I only ate about 2/3 of it! The chicken, which is the redish looking stuff on the bottom, was so spicy, I couldn't eat it all. The rest of my meal consisted of...ahem...bean stalks...(bleh)...and they were COLD, mushrooms, some sort of dumpling thing, which was actually very good, rice, which I really liked, some sorta sauce, tofu and kimchi on the side. The tofu was actually really good, which is the fourth picture, and the third is the kimchi. The tempreture of the kimchi is cold, but it's SOOOO spicy!!!
We got to sit on tiatami mat sorta things, and we had to take our shoes off before we got up on the little platform thingy. The worst part...THERE WASN'T ANY SALT!
it's the end of the world when there's no salt to be seen.....:)

The picture above is a sorta tea that mom ordered, and it..well, tastes like corn!

The Ohio Hotel

These are pictures of the hotel we stayed in. Check out the last picture...the lights from inside were reflecting on the window and made it look like UFOs attacking. :)

Prayers Would Be Appreciated

About a week ago I was having really bad stomach/side cramps, so we went to the ER. While doing x-rays, they found a problem that, although not serious, needs to be taken care of. Yesterday we went again to the doctor, and I'll be going back around the 28th for an ultrasound and to talk with the doctor. After that I will more than likely be having surgery sometime in February. It'll most probably be out-patient, so that's good. I'm just a little nervous because I've NEEEEVER had surgery before, or been in the hospital for something like that save a cracked wrist and popped-out-of-place pinky. :)
Anyway...just thought I'd let you know. Like I said, it's not serious...just something that needs to be taken care of. Prayers would be appreciated, especially since I'm...*gulp*...nervous. :)

Thanks a million!
In Christ,

Monday, January 4, 2010

Belle's Foal @ 180 Days

Day 180

The fetus has quadrupled its weight in just 30 days. Mane and tail hairs have appeared; it's about the size of a Beagle.

Not a good quality image...but good enough. :)