Saturday, May 21, 2011

If Today Was Your Last Day

Well...the world hasn't ended.
Most of you probably already know, but there's been this guy that spent all of his life's savings advertising the end of the world, May 21, 2011, and 6:00 PM. True, it's only 5:15 when I post this...but in all other parts of the world, the 6:00 PM time zone has come and gone. Of course, this isn't the only reason I think the world will not end. The Bible says clearly that NO man knows the time - not even the Son of Man. Further more, the world will not end with the church being "raptured" out.
No one knows the hour. It comes "As a thief in the night".
I was talking to dad about it earlier, and he simply said this,
"The world ends when you breathe your last." Very, very true. The world ends, but eternity does not. I was sitting outside this evening on the swing set, going back and forth, back and forth, going over my Bible verses, thinking, and talking to God. My world could very well end today. My world very well almost ended for sure that I know of a couple of days ago. We barely missed being in a head on collision with another truck that was pulling out. And when I say barely, I mean by inches. As I sat there swinging, I was going through a song I heard called "If Today Was Your Last Day" by Nickelback. It's a very good, true song. (Just DON'T listen to any others by that group - I haven't looked into it, but I've seen the title of a few of their songs - and they're NOT good! I think that's practically their only good one!) If today was my last day, I'd want it just like it was today. I'd spend it with my family and my dear friends. That's what I'd do. One of the lines is "would you live each moment like your last". Shouldn't we live everyday like our last? Not let the sun go down on our anger? Remember that our breath is so frail, that at any could indeed be our last?
This "end of the world" deal was just another foolish thought of man...but it sparked good head conversations within me. I thought about it a lot. If today was my last day, I'd spend it happy. I'd spend it with my family. I'd spend it with my friends. I'd spend it thinking, smiling, and praying. I never know when today will be my last. No one knows. But they should live like it. We don't know when God will call us to Him.
God is absolutely SO amazing. I've had the BEST few days! I was checking how long three weeks will be on my calendar - and they will FLY! I can't believe it's already the end of May... on the 29th, my Big Boy will be a year old! He's growing up! *faint* I'll schedule a post to go out for him... ^.^

If today was my last day...I'd spend it like this. (With the exception of having my friends with me...they weren't here today!)
Delve into your thoughts - how would you live your last day?

Always Fighting (and very hyper thanks to chocolate covered coffee beans...)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Life is Good

Yes...Life is very good.
I've recently been enjoying it immensely.
We got our bees Saturday night, too! They're buzzing around and being...well...busy little bees. 0.--
It's very interesting to watch, if I do say so myself.

God is amazing. He's given me a family that, yeah, let's face it: can be very annoying sometimes - but I LOVE them, and I'm sure I can be pretty annoying too. (There's plenty of times where they'd like to kick me out the door - and the other way around! ^.^)  He's given me friends that pray with me and make me laugh until I die (again). He's given me my Best Friend that is totally top of the world - I could never, ever ever ever ever EVER ask for a better one!
He's blessed me with such a great place to live. It'll be hard for me to leave!

The other day I had what I call a "Once in a Summer" moment....
I shall now attempt to paint it for you using the brush of words....
It was raining. All day - rain. I love the rain. I was happy. It came from gray skies, sometimes in a mist, other times in a downpour that I could barely contain myself from running out into and dancing in. Lightening would cut the skies, and the Lord's army was next heard as they marched along. The thunder would rumble, rise to a mountainous peak, and then fade.
During such a downpour, I walked out onto the front porch. The clouds swirled, the sharp staccato of rain all around. It was beautiful. Warm. I sat on the rail of the porch, back against the wall, one leg dangling off and swinging quietly back and forth. The tree beside the porch drooped with the rain. I picked a wet leaf, held my hand out, let the rain cry on it. I took in a deep breath, smelling the refreshing scent of dampened plants. It was good.
As I looked back over the porch, I was thinking to myself how long ago it was that I first walked around on the thing. There was no cover, no fence, no landscaping - my eyes went to our pasture, the tall, strong barn standing there - no barn, no pasture. It was nothing. Just woods. Eleven years ago....just woods.
I never thought at 6 years old that I'd be sitting there that day, 16 years old, watching it rain. Knowing the people I know, having been to the places I've been, having all the things in my heart that I have.

...It was wonderful.
It was Once in a Summer...

Always Fighting,

New Vest!

And this is a new vest I acquired as of Friday! I loooove it! *faint*
And to my BFF - be very jealous...
FIVE dollars at a clothing store in town! MUWHAHAHAAAA!!!