Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

I might as well tell you now, since I won't be on tomorrow! =D (I didn't take the above photo, btw:)

Also, among all of the hectic Christmas hustle, please stop and take time to read your Bible...I've been wanting to say that all week. =D This morning was very pleasant for me, personally. My brother gets up at 6:00 am, and this morning, I heard his alarm go off. Rolling over, I peered at my clock in the dark room, and decided to wait until 6:00 to get out of bed. Yanking the covers back over my head, I dozed back off, and sure enough, I woke back up at 6:25.
"Might as well get up now..." I grumbled to myself. No, I didn't want to...but I needed to. The house was still dark, save for my brother's light on in his room. Dad had gotten up b
ut went back to sleep on the couch, wrapped up in his favorite green blanket, and Nathan had turned on the Christmas lights in the den along with the Classical Music. nice. =D Mom was still in bed...we were obviously sleeping in late this morning. I first went to Nathan's room to tell him goodmorning, and then went to the kitchen to get my coffee. (Must have coffee....imperative...) Anyway, I got it and was going back to my room when dad asked me to get him some. So I did, and told him goodmorning as well. I went on to my room, calling our slinky cat Jinx. She came in, as she always does every morning, and I closed the door. The Mysterious Islands soundtrack by Benjamin Botkin had been playing for almost four days in my room, so I took that one out and put in my Enya CD, "And Winter Came". (Very nice CD....:) Ah yes...Christmas colored snow outside in the still dark morning, a hot cup of coffee, the soft yellow glow of the lamp on my desk, the cat sitting beside the guinea pig's cage and looking in, :) my flannel blue pajama pants and green could get NO better. =D And it was Christmas Eve day, on top of all that! I put my cup of coffee on the floor beside my window, and was about to sit down when I remembered that, yes, it COULD get better than this. I stopped short and went over to my closet where my pocketbook hung, opening it up to grab the small Bible that I had taken with me the day before. Going back over to the window, I sat down, taking a sip of my coffee as Jinx crawled into my lap.
You know, I could have sat there and just looked out the window or wasted my time on some book and gotten nothing out of that morning, but instead, I sat there and read my Bible; Psalms, to be exact, and guess what? I've been in a good mood all morning long. I feel so happy and am enjoying everything...even the hectic running about. =D Please do read your Bible, especially before you start your day; you'll get so much more out of it. You'll be able to enjoy everything...if
you go at it with the right start. Please'll notice a difference, and so will everyone else. If you say you don't have time...make time. Do it. Go headlong at it. READ YOUR BIBLE! =D

alright...good. I had to get that out. =D
Also, please pray for our goat, Charlie. He's had this problem with kidney stones last year, and this year, it's pretty bad. (He might die.) We took him to the vet, and they kept him a couple of days. While we were there, they tried getting some of the stones out...not one...not two...nor three. It was like sand, almost. He's up at the barn now, and won't eat, drink, or walk around. He's not in good shape. Please keep him in mind...he's not doing very well.

And on a happier note, we had almost a foot of snow! I took a TON of photos, and I hope to be posting them soon. I promise that I'll try VERY soon to get the rest of the Ohio trip photos up...there's a lot of them!

Have a wonderful Christmas and the Lord bless you!
In Christ,